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Signs of supermassive black hole mergers found

Gravitational wave telescopes have been able to find evidence of the merging of smaller black holes since 2015, by measuring the strong bursts of gravitational waves that are emitted when binary black holes merge.

Astronomers spot supermassive blackhole destroying star

Astronomers have been able to picture a black hole destroying a star in its vicinity, giving proof to the capabilities of the celestial body's energy.


Some black holes may let you live out infinite futures by erasing your past, finds study

According to Berkeley University physicist Peter Hintz, once inside a black hole, a human would leave behind the rules of the universe and enter a world where the future is not preordained and decided by their past.

Afterglow from neutron-star merger continues to brighten

New evidence has shown researchers that the neutron star merger, which helped conclusively detect gravitational waves, is releasing more complex radiations then previously imagined.

Smartphones may help search for cosmic rays from black holes, supernovae: Study

Researchers have developed an algorithm for constructing convolutional neural networks that can be used with conventional mobile phones to record the muons making up these atmospheric showers.

Infant stars found near Milky Way's supermassive black hole

Astronomers have spotted telltale signs of 11 low-mass stars forming perilously close - within three light-years - to the Milky Way's supermassive black hole


Two Indians part of closest-ever super massive binary black hole discovery

Two city-based scientists are involved in the discovery of two closest-ever black holes, in a super-massive binary black hole system.

Black hole devouring star for a decade detected

Researchers made this discovery using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and Swift satellite as well as European Space Agency's XMM-Newton.

Supermassive black hole feeding on cold gas spotted at centre of galaxy

The findings provide the first direct evidence to support the hypothesis that black holes feed on clouds of cold gas.

Black hole with mass of 140 million Suns found

The ALMA telescopes tracked the radiation emitted from the two gases, hydrogen cyanide and formyl cation, as they swirled around the galaxy.