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Guess which Indian dish was most searched online by people in 2018-19?

Interestingly, top three dishes people cook at home were Biryani, Butter Chicken and Samosa.

Awadhi Lamb Biryani or Scotch Eggs: Which recipe would you like to try?

Once in a while it is good to treat yourself to food that can brighten up your boring routine.


PSA message for vegetarians: A pulao is a pulao is a pulao - not a biryani

A biryani lover writes on why it’s time we wrapped our heads and taste-buds around the fine difference between a biryani and a pulao. 

Travelling in a Clay Pot

Biryani as a go-to dish has a new address, moving from home-caterers to cloud kitchens

Cooked by prisoners, chicken biryani is hot favourite at this jail food counter in Kochi

Daily collection at the ‘Food for Freedom’ counter of the jail, that sells food cooked by inmates, has soared to Rs 80,000 after recent additions to the menu.

Pakistani blogger's poll on 'BIRYANI with ALOO OR NOT' kick-starts a storm on Twitter

In Pakistan, adding potatoes in biryani has been a cause of a long-standing debate between Lahori Pakistanis and Karachi Pakistanis. While biryani with potatoes is a definite no-no for Lahoris, those in Karachi love their dish with aaloo in it.


Paradise Gained

The famed Paradise Food Court has finally made its way to NCR with minor changes to the menu to please the obstinate Delhi palate

Savour aam biryani and aam murg korma at this special mango festival in the City of Nawabs

There is a three-day mango festival being organised by the Uttar Pradesh Toursim Department from July 7 in Lucknow, which will serve delicious 'aam biryani', 'murg-aam' and 'aam-murg korma'. These dishes are among the many other dishes prepared from mango, the king of fruits.

How an exiled Lucknow nawab left his mark on Kolkata’s Biryani

When the gourmet Wajid Ali Shah arrived in Metiabruz over 150 years ago, he changed the way Kolkata ate its biryani and introduced it to the resala.

How to make this delicious biryani with a twist

Impress family and friends with these super-tasty recipe of Curried Biryani Balls.

biryani Photos

From Osmania biscuits to biryani at Shadab, capturing Hyderabad’s best eats

Photographer Sanjay Borra captures sumptuous images from the Nizami city's foodscape.