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Down in Jungleland: Spot a Birder

The way you go about bird-watching reveals more about you than you would wish to.

Down in the Jungleland: Watch Out, It’s the Titehri

Lapwings can give any wedding band a run for its money. But their shrill panicked calls might have saved many animal lives.


Spotting a kingfisher at a Goa pool every New Year's eve

A kingfisher by the pool in Goa every New Year’s eve. Is that a tradition in the making?

Down in Jungleland, timing is everything

Why birdwatching at Sultanpur National Park in Haryana will never be the same.

In Fine Feather: You can’t afford tacky maintenance when you fly

They’re the birds’ USP — without them, they wouldn’t be birds — and they’re an unparalleled marvel of engineering and aesthetics.

Life of Birds

A book on the winged visitors of Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi captures the beauty and splendour of the avian world.