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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Bird Watching


Birdwatch: Grey-headed swamphen or purple swamphen is known for its unique plumage

July 13, 2022 10:33 am

The sighting of a pair of purple swamphens chasing each other on the widespread leaves in water bodies is unforgettable. I sighted at least three fully grown pairs of purple swamphens on the banks of Mottemajra on a sunny day in January this year.

Bird Watch: Sulphur-Bellied Warbler, a songbird with a sharp, distinctive call

June 15, 2022 12:04 pm

One should have the patience to observe and capture the Sulphur-Bellied Warbler on camera.

Birdwatch: Members of long-legged wading birds, Ibises live near large water bodies

May 25, 2022 2:03 pm

Ibis stay in the group and easily mingle with other species. They prefer to search their food, especially for crustaceans, in the mud.

Bird Watch: Lapwing is known for its wailing cry

May 18, 2022 12:49 pm

For spotting the River Lapwing and Northern Lapwing, one will have to venture to nearby water bodies with patience. The Northern lapwing is a winter visitor and arrives in ISCR, not in abundant numbers.

Birdwatch: Don’t look too far to spot pied bush chat

May 12, 2022 11:24 am

The male is black except for a white rump, wing patch and lower belly. The female is drab brown and slightly streaked. Juveniles have a scaly appearance on the underside but dark above like the females.

Bird Watch: Spot the bee-eating beauties

April 27, 2022 2:29 pm

Green bee-eater and Blue-tailed bee-eater are categorized as very common birds, meaning it is easy to spot these two species in the Tricity.

Birdwatch: Crested bunting, the ‘Yuvaraaj’ found in lower foothills

April 20, 2022 2:31 pm

The male birds have a striking glossy black plumage with long pointed crests and chestnut wings and tail. The females are paler and browner, have a shorter crest and have less chestnut patches on the tail and wings.

Birdwatch: Oriental White Eye, a social bird until it breeds

March 30, 2022 1:38 pm

The Oriental White Eye prefers to stay in broad-leaved forests. It is a small passerine bird in the white eye family and a resident and common bird in Chandigarh.

Birds of Chandigarh: The migrants

March 17, 2022 12:31 pm

Walk down the path towards the bottle brush trees and on a lucky day you would see a Crimson Sunbird, quite camouflaged in the Crimson blooms, merrily sucking the nectar and singing at the top of his voice a song of sweet delight.

Birdwatch: Indian Paradise Flycatcher, with an unfurling long streamer, is a delight to watch in flight

March 09, 2022 10:55 am

Even though the Chandigarh Bird Club, a group of eminent bird watchers, has put this bird in the category of a very common bird, it does not mean that one will find it sitting at every other tree, park or house.