Birbhum gangrape

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Birbhum: Medical test negates rape, 2 accused sent to juvenile home

One of the two boys told the police, three of them jumped on a girl after she fell down and there was nothing more to it.

Birbhum gangrape: SC asks WB govt to pay Rs 5 lakh to victim

All states are duty bound to protect the rights of women and that they have freedom of choice in marriage.


More effective action needed in Birbhum gangrape case: SC

The victim and her paramour were caught, tied to a tree and assaulted after which they were asked to pay a fine of Rs 50,000.

More effective action needed in Birbhum gangrape case: SC

The bench had taken suo motu cognisance of the incident on January 24 and had directed the district judge to visit the place and file a report before it.

Victim, all accused to undergo DNA test

The forensic report related to the case was submitted to the Birbhum police, but its contents were not disclosed.

Birbhum gangrape: Forensic team examine samples

Doctors treating the victim at Suri hospital said the girl was stable and is responding well to treatment.


Tribal court punishments: Licking spit to rubbing nose on ground

In Birbhum, rulings of such courts are usually the last word for villagers.

Birbhum gangrape: SC orders probe, seeks report

The woman was allegedly gangraped by the 13 people after the panchayat head gave orders for the rape since she was in love with a man from another community.

We, the mob

The Birbhum gangrape case illustrates the oppressions of ‘community justice’.

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In Birbhum, vote bank politics and growing outside influence

Gangrapes may have brought tribal councils of Birbhum to notoriety, but growing outside interference is more at play.