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Watch: Army Chief Bipin Rawat flies indigenous LCA Tejas

Speaking to reporters after, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said it was an "experience of a lifetime", and added that it was a "wonderful aircraft".

A question for General

Can the Indian Army afford to lag behind society on gender equality and gay sex? Can it refuse to heed the call of history?


No same-sex relations in Army, we are conservative: Gen Bipin Rawat

Rawat’s remarks were in response to a question during his annual press conference on the Supreme Court rulings that decriminalised adultery and same-sex relations.

'Won't allow gay sex in the Army': General Bipin Rawat

Addressing his annual press conference in the capital, Gen Rawat said 'such actions are forbidden in the Army'.

Can't be left out of the bandwagon: Army chief Rawat on talks with Taliban

Rawat said the "Taliban analogy" cannot be applied in Jammu and Kashmir where the government has rejected unconditional talks with the stakeholders, including separatists and militants, adding that talks in the valley "will be on our terms". 

Need to curb social media to combat radicalisation: Army Chief Bipin Rawat

Speaking at the Raisina Dialogue 2019, the army chief said radicalisation has taken a different route in Jammu and Kashmir where youth is being fed misinformation about religion, becoming a form of warfare. 


The Army must march ahead

On issues like inclusion of women, it cannot afford to lag behind society, or even reflect it. The forces must lead society, not politically but culturally.

On the loose: Women in uniform

In an interview, Army Chief Bipin Rawat has raised some questions like ---what happens to the children when their moms are posted to remote areas, and more pertinently, are we as a nation, ready to see women return in bodybags?

Army chief Bipin Rawat cites difficulties in putting women in combat role

"See, I am not saying a woman who has children doesn't die. She can also die in a road accident. But in combat, when body bags come back, our country is not ready to see that," Rawat said.

Army to increase intake of women in more non-combat roles: General Rawat

"We are saying, we are going to increase the intake. Women are already there in the Army. We are now going to take them more into some other cadres gradually, we are expanding the Indian Army to women officers," Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said.