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Indian consumers favour biometric authentications over passwords: Visa

Digital payments major Visa has released a study, that shows that 99 per cent of people surveyed would choose at least one method of biometric verification for payments.

Aadhaar biometric lock can secure accounts better than virtual IDs: Here's how

Before virtual IDs became public, th UIDAI had introduced a 'biometric lock' into Aadhaar cards. This can be activated by users, who have their mobile numbers verified through their Aadhaar numbers.


Gemalto launches biometric credit card for contactless in-store payments

Gemalto has introduced a credit card that uses biometric technology, and identifies the card holder through fingerprint recognition.

Trackers in weapons, biometrics in smart guns soon: Rajnath's anti-Naxal plan

A tracker can locate a looted weapon wherever it is taken or used while biometrics can make a smart gun useless for anyone else except the authorised user.

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What the Supreme Court did not address in its Aadhaar verdict

There are still many unanswered questions about aadhaar despite the Supreme Court's verdict of more than 1,400 pages. Usha Ramanathan tells us the concerns that the poor of India still have, what making aadhaar voluntary means and whether the linking

Why you cannot compare Aadhaar to the US Social Security Number

Desc: Among the many questions about Aadhaar is this one. Isn't it like the US Social Security Number? In the third story on the Aadhaar series, three experts explain how the two are not at all comparable.


Aadhaar: Three experts explain how biometrics DID NOT make it more secure

Second in the Aadhaar series, in this video Usha Ramanathan, Ramanjit Singh Chima and Reetika Khera explain how biometrics were brought into the Aadhaar process without enough research and why it is unprecedented in a dangerous way.