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From goofball to seductress, the many shades of Sridevi

Who was Sridevi? She was a goddess, a gamine, a goofball and a seductress all rolled into one. Here is a by no means exhaustive list of our favourite avatars of the late actor Sridevi.

Kiran Bedi’s biography released in the form of 32-page comic

Another story in the book describes how Kiran was upset after attending a wedding one day.


Colour Coordinated

A biography on artist Sidharth documents his journey from a village in Punjab to The Louvre in France.

Pained to see Punjab youth drowning in drugs: Fauja

Fauja Singh signed his biography Turbaned Tornado for the readers and fans who came in large numbers to meet him.

A French Twist

Now the French will get a peek into the making of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi as a biography “Narendra Modi - in India - Leader and Man of Convictions” written by French national Chantal Ardino hits the stands.

Sanjay Dutt's biography on cards

Sanjay is always in news for his failed marriages,tryst with drugs,sagging Bollywood career.


Bookstore instinct proves right,Steve Job a hit in city

Ever since the release of the biography,Steve Jobs, on October 25,the book has become the most sought after novel across the city.

Exotic diets was Jobs’ mantra to cure cancer; ‘that’s crazy’ said friends

iTried: New Biography reveals Jobs dallying with exotic diets and DNA sequencing to cure cancer

Obama's father considered putting his son up for adoption: book

Titled 'The Other Barack,The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama's Father,' the biography is slated for release next week.

A R Rahman's biography released in Mumbai

Fans can now get insights into the private life and musical journey of A R Rahman,with a biography on him.