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Monica Lewinsky, angered by “off limits” question on Bill Clinton, walks off Israeli stage

The anti-bullying activist stormed off the stage after the opening question – on whether she still expected a personal apology from Clinton.

Over The Barrel: Networked and vulnerable

A tightly-connected world is more imperilled by cyber attack, disease and global warming. It requires inspired leadership. India and China have an opportunity.

Bill Clinton bristles at questions on Lewinsky, #MeToo

Bill Clinton bristles at questions on Lewinsky, #MeToo

Former US President Bill Clinton claimed credit for empowering women in his orbit in an interview with NBC’s “Today Show” and disputed that he might owe Lewinsky a private apology, insisting his public televised apology was adequate.

Bill Clinton visits Puerto Rico, distributes relief supplies

Clinton arrived with medical supplies and solar energy equipment donated by the Clinton Foundation, which has already shipped 76 tons of medicine and medical equipment since the storm hit on Sept. 20.

‘Peek-a-Bill’: Clinton literally hides between two Bushes and Tweeple can’t stop poking fun at Sean Spicer

The photos of Bill Clinton in between two Bushes so loved so much that people began multiple Photoshop battles on Reddit and the results are hilarious, and even NASA tried a hand at this battle!

Be humble in victory, responsible with power: Former Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton

Former Presidents Bush and Clinton told a forum in Dallas on Thursday that they were able to forge mutual bonds of respect and friendship because the other had been gracious in victory and respectful of presidential power.

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Hillary, Bill Clinton earned more than USD 139 mn between 2007-14

The bulk of the Clintons’ income came from speeches delivered to corporate and interest groups by Bill Clinton and later by Hillary Clinton after she resigned as secretary of state in early 2013.

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Former U.S. President Bill Clinton defends charity, says won’t give up paid speeches

Scrutiny of the Clinton Foundation has focused on foreign donations as well as on Bill Clinton.

At Clinton center, the past and the future collide

Bill always said campaigns must be about the future, but Hillary’s potential bid is bound to bring up the past.

Clinton political network gathers amid 2016 talk

Clinton’s political family gathered in Arkansas, reminiscing about his two terms and relishing a first for his wife.

Clintons meet Narendra Modi

The Clinton couple had a 45-minute meeting with Modi, who was accompanied by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

Chelsea Clinton quits TV journalist job to focus on family

Clinton said that it has been a “privilege” for her to work at the network.

Kevin Spacey imitates Bill Clinton in ‘House of Cards’ parody

Hollywood star Kevin Spacey has imitated former US president Bill Clinton’s voice in a parody video of his TV show ‘House of Cards’. Spacey slipped into his character of Frank Underwood from the series and prank called Hillary Clinton as the show teamed up with the Clinton Foundation for a parody video to urge people […]

Uttar Pradesh: Convent student made to sit in primary school to ‘impress’ Clinton

A class eight student of a convent school was included in a group of students, who had to meet Clinton.

Bill Clinton interacts with kids, women in UP village

Clinton’s foundation informed the village people of the importance of timely detection of diarrhea.