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International Bikini Day: The bikini turns 73; here are some interesting facts about this beach outfit

The oldest recorded history of the bikini – fashionable bandaged numbers — has been documented in a 1,700-year-old Roman mosaic called Chamber of the Ten Maidens. It boasts of bikini-wearing women partaking in sports and athletic activities.

A look back at vintage swimwear

It wasn’t until 1925 — almost two decades after Annette Kellermann, an Australian swimmer who famously wore a form-fitting one-piece bathing suit — that the mayor of Atlantic City Beach ruled that women could wear “one-piece suits with skirts and bare legs.”


International Bikini Day 2019: A look at some of the most expensive bikinis

In 2013, Victoria Secret model Candice Swanepoel wore the Fantasy Bra and a matching belt featuring more than 5,400 precious gems.

International Bikini Day 2019: How burkini continues to spark gender debates across world

Originally designed in 2004 by Aheda Zanetti, a Lebanese-born Australian fashion designer, a burkini is a play on two words — burqa, which is a body and head covering garment worn by Islamic women in public, and bikini.

International Bikini Day: From 1800s to the '90s: How the bathing suits have evolved over time

From burkini that swaddles up the female form to the brief bikini, bathing suits have managed to offend and impress many at the same time. Be it the Victorian belted dresses to the modern day brief bikini, here's looking at ten crazy bathing suits in history.

New 3D-printed bikini cleans water as you swim

Researchers have invented a new 3D-printed swimsuit capable of cleaning up oil spills and desalinising water while people swim.


Flair & Square: One Piece of Advice

Bollywood may have just discovered the bikini, but the maillot is enjoying its moment in the sun.

Myanmar picks first Miss Universe contender in 50 years

Moe Set Wine will take her place on stage at the global beauty pageant in Moscow next month.

Illegal buttocks injections kill,maim US women

'Bigger bottom will bring them work as music video models or adult entertainers.'

Kardashian flaunts her curves

Known for her curvaceous body,she enjoyed showing off her skin in the bikini with golden embellishments.