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The firewall

Over 14,460 bunkers are being built across border villages of Jammu and Kashmir that are often at the mercy of firing and mortar shelling from across the border. The Indian Express travels to villages along the border where these grey, concrete structures evoke hope and a few questions: “I can't take my cattle there, can I?”

Those who keep the Kumbh clean

Cleaning Kumbh: When the largest-ever human gathering collects at one place in Prayagraj, what does it take to get it ready for a new day? Indian Express finds out, through the Mela officials and their toilet and dustbin maths, the 20,000 sanitation workers and their stories — and a newborn


The RNG stories

Ramnath Goenka awards: A celebration of India’s finest journalism of 2017.

At the Lucknow Sainik School: 'They were ready, not us'

Six months after they entered the Uttar Pradesh Sainik School, in Class 9, it’s the girl ‘cadets’ who are more “settled”. They are the first ever girls to be admitted to the school, 58 years after it came up.

The girls march in

Half a century after they were set up in 1961, Sainik Schools have opened doors to girls. The Sunday Express meets the six 12-year-olds making history in a Mizoram village, dreaming to be soldiers, sailors and pilots, and barely sweating about it. The boys, they are catching up.

Swachh Bharat’s forgotten soldiers

They live and die off official rolls, on the fringes of ambitious govt cleanliness missions, and down the drains of cities.


The river by my home

Assistant Editor Arun Janardhanan goes looking for the stories he has grown up with in Vazhathope, his village in Idukki district that has borne the brunt of the floods, and finds a river at peace amidst the wreckage all around

Without Fauzia’s Fire

Since her father died in 2009, she has been Ajmer’s topchi, the only woman known to undertake the task. This year, for the first time since she can remember, a Ramzan will pass without her lighting the cannon at the 12th Century shrine

Mandsaur agrarian unrest: The worth of a crore

Six people died during the farmer protests in Mandsaur, MP, after which the government announced Rs 1 crore to each of the families. The Indian Express visits their homes to hear their stories — from a new-born who will never see her father to an aunt who asks: “Will we get the money? When?”

Footloose in Nallasopara

Long, long ago, the lanes of Virar gave Bollywood its biggest dancing star in Govinda. Now from this region on Mumbai’s fringes are emerging TV dance show stars, YouTube hits, and film debuts. Next up, finds The Sunday Express, is 150 participants facing off in a ‘World Dance League’

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Big Picture: Amidst Love Jihad, the story of Zahid and friends

In this season of alleged ‘love jihad’, here's a story of the lone Muslim student to have returned to his school in one of Muzaffarnagar’s worst riot-hit villages and his three Hindu classmates.

Narendra Modi redefines the grammer of political rallies

Narendra Modi rallies have, in recent times, gone on to become full-fledged stage productions.