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Looking for home in Greece: Undocumented Indians and the hope of a better life

With a migrant caravan marching on towards the US and as European nations continue to be split over migration, The Indian Express meets the undocumented Indians, mostly from Punjab, who, having left their families behind to undertake an arduous, dangerous trek to Greece, work for meagre wages and stay on in the hope of a better life.

Fewer jobs, but many still risk it all to reach Greece

“Greece can’t be worse than Punjab. The agent has told me that there is always work for those who are willing to work hard. I am. At least I can get out of here and see the world,” says a 22-year-old.


The river by my home

Assistant Editor Arun Janardhanan goes looking for the stories he has grown up with in Vazhathope, his village in Idukki district that has borne the brunt of the floods, and finds a river at peace amidst the wreckage all around

What is ailing India's anti-population drive?

July 11 is World Population Day. With a recent UN report saying India is expected to overtake China’s numbers in the next six years and become the most populous in the world, what is ailing the country’s anti-population drive?

China’s problem now: ageing population

According to the UN, in just 20 years, the proportion of China’s elderly will double from 10 to 20 per cent (2017 to 2037) and rise as high as 44 per cent by 2050.

Footloose in Nallasopara

Long, long ago, the lanes of Virar gave Bollywood its biggest dancing star in Govinda. Now from this region on Mumbai’s fringes are emerging TV dance show stars, YouTube hits, and film debuts. Next up, finds The Sunday Express, is 150 participants facing off in a ‘World Dance League’


A sugar rush

The result in the Kairana Lok Sabha seat bypoll, where ganna payment was the main issue, brought forth a crisis born of advances in plant breeding and boost in sugarcane production.

Tracing an 8-year-old's 467-km journey to undergo spinal surgery in Maharashtra

Six months ago, an 8-year-old girl fell off a tree in Maharashtra’s Nandurbar and broke her back. It took 20 days and 467 km for her to get help. It took a month more for her to find herself back in a hospital. The Sunday Express meets Ravita Valvi.

What India needs: Data law, regulator

What is the data protection framework in India? And how safe or unsafe is your data? Though India does not have a larger data protection framework, over the years, a number of domain-specific laws have been amended to protect users’ data.

Two SC/ST courts: 1,450 pending cases

Of 700-odd districts, merely 194 have the recommended exclusive courts for SC/ST Act cases. The Sunday Express travels to two such courts — one in Ahmedabad, set up after Una, and the other in Banda, a district with a high number of cases — to find a familiar story