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This one is for you bhaiya, because brothers can't be wrong ever

Don't forget to share it with your elder brother. This is the only chance to settle scores. I'm going to do just that.

Tanishaa likely to be in 'Big Brother' post 'Bigg Boss 7'

Tanishaa has reportedly been offered to be a part of international reality show,‘Big Brother’.


Who’s the Boss?

The latest season of Bigg Boss may bring some old,notorious faces with new ones

PR guru Clifford charged with indecent assault

Max Clifford,one of Britain’s most well-known PR gurus who had represented actress Shilpa Shetty soon after her Big Brother win

Bigg Shift

This season,Bigg Boss will again open its doors to the common man.

Big Brother: NRI beauty ridiculed for eating with hands

An Indian-origin model and contestant on the Big Brother reality show has been facing a 'tirade of insults'.


Miss India UK facing Shilpa-style insults on Big Brother

Hailing from Birmingham,Uppal is current Miss India UK and has done modelling assignments in UK and India.

Big Brother house features 'huge bathtub' in hope of sex parties

The new bath in the Vegas-themed house is big enough to fit at least six housemates in.

UK plans to monitor phone calls,emails,texts

David Cameron government's plans to enact legislation to allow officials to monitor phone calls,emails,texts and website visits of everyone in the UK have provoked a welter of protest amidst accusations of bringing in 'Big Brother'-style governance.

Mother says Jade Goody’s phone was also hacked

Goody died of cancer in 2009 aged 27. Her abusive treatment of Shetty on the show brought her into public spotlight.