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Need for speed

The universe is expanding 9 per cent faster than was previously thought, and cosmologists are using antigravity to catch up.

Astronomers discover ancient star formed by Big Bang

Residing in the same part of the Milky Way galaxy like the solar system, the star is believed to be up to 13.5 billion years old which is evidenced by its extremely low metal content, reports Xinhua news agency


First stars formed 250 million years after Big Bang: Study

Researchers have found the oldest stars, that formed in the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang.

Nothing existed before Big Bang: Stephen Hawking

According to renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, there was nothing before the occurence of the Big Bang.

China to set up gravitational wave telescopes in Tibet

Construction has started for the first telescope, code-named Ngari No.1, 30 km south of Shiquanhe town in Ngari Prefecture.

Beyond the Big Bang: Decoding matter and the physics of merging particles

One of our groups is now trying to figure out the conditions under which this “coalescence” becomes a “phase transition”— the change from quark matter to nuclear matter.


‘Monster’ cosmic blast,biggest ever witnessed,zips by Earth

It was the biggest and brightest cosmic explosion ever witnessed. Had it been closer,Earth would have been toast.

Is Big Bang a myth?

Black hole not Big Bang may have kickstarted the universe.

Scientists look back to first 100 years after Big Bang

Researchers from Berkeley Lab used a new analysis of CMB radiation to take a look back in time.

Cosmic map hints at first evidence of other universes

Theories that our universe could be just one of billions have been discussed for decades but until now they have lacked any evidence.