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Working Families Party, a major progressive force, endorses Warren

The Working Families Party, the labor-aligned progressive group whose electoral influence has grown since the 2016 election, has endorsed Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Deeply concerned about the situation in Kashmir: Bernie Sanders

The 77-year-old US Senator also said that India's action in Kashmir is 'unacceptable' and that the communication blockade prevailing in the state must be lifted immediately.


Explained: As 2020 race heats up, growing worries Warren and Sanders will split leftist vote

Two dozen Democrats are competing to secure their party’s nomination and battle Republican President Donald Trump in the November 2020 general election.

Joe Biden aggressively defends Obamacare

The former vice president will spend much of the coming week talking about his approach to health care, including remarks he'll deliver on Monday in Iowa at a presidential forum sponsored by AARP.

Veteran Bernie Sanders seeks US voters on live-streaming gaming channel

Footage of the 77-year-old Vermont senator rallying supporters will be posted on Twitch, alongside its more regular output of teenagers playing Fortnite, Overwatch and other combat games.

Bernie Sanders urges political revolution, Green New Deal support

Bernie Sanders of Vermont is calling for a political revolution as he and other speakers at a rally urge approval of the Green New Deal, a sweeping plan to address climate change.


Bernie Sanders defends his newfound status as a millionaire

Sanders’ tax returns showed that he earned $561,293 in 2018 and paid an effective tax rate of 26%. Last week, in an interview with The New York Times, the senator acknowledged that his book earnings had made him a millionaire.

Democratic dust-up as Sanders and Clinton loyalist feud again

Neera Tanden, whose salary was $397,000 in 2018, was an unpaid adviser to Clinton’s 2016 campaign while running the think tank, and was considered a candidate for a top White House job had Clinton won the presidency.

Bernie Sanders, now a millionaire, pledges to release tax returns by Monday

Sanders’ refusal to release his full tax returns was a relatively minor issue in the 2016 Democratic primaries, when Hillary Clinton goaded him to be more transparent.

Beto O’Rourke is 46. Bernie Sanders is 77. Does age matter anymore for Democrats?

The contenders leading in initial polls, Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden, will be 79 and 78 by Inauguration Day 2021. President Donald Trump will be 74.

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USA: It is time for Massachusetts to lead the political revolution, says Sanders

Democratic Party presidential nominee hopeful Bernie Sanders told his Massachusetts supporters it’s up them to lead a “political revolution”, at a pre-Super Tuesday election rally in Milton, Massachusetts, on Monday. “I was just thinking, not an original thought, but your state led the American revolution,” Sanders told his audience, adding, “now it is time for […]

USA: Sanders talks Flint water crisis during Michigan rally

US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders slammed the government’s response to the Flint water crisis during a rally at the Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Monday. “You know, when I think of Flint and what is happening there and people say ‘well you know how much money it will cost to rebuild Flint. That’s expensive!’ […]


Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders claim victory in New Hampshire

As the winners of the New Hampshire primary quickly became clear the victors, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders thanked their supporters. Voters who are disenchanted with the economy and Washington politicians have responded enthusiastically to candidates who are challenging traditional political norms. “Together we have sent a message that will echo from Wall […]

USA: Sanders slams Walton family, Walmart for paying 'starvation wage'

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders criticised the Walton family, owners of Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, because “many of their employees get wages so low” during a political rally in Durham, New Hampshire on Monday. Sanders called the Walton family the “largest recipient of welfare in America,” pointing out that many of Walmart’s workers are […]