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A sumptuous Chicken Kabiraji: It's when Armenia meets Bengal

Join Chef Saby as he cooks up a typical (and delicious) British-Bengali dish from the era of dak bungalows, memsahibs and tiffins.

Flavours of Bengal

Even as the pandals swell with devotees for Durga puja, Bengali cuisine is a growing favourite with new restaurants mushrooming in Delhi.


Fusion Fare

The roast beckti at Sonargaon,Taj Bengal comes bathed in Bengali goodness. It melts in your mouth with strong hints of cumin,coriander and such staples of Bengali cuisine.

Scrape It Up

As children we used to wait eagerly for ‘Poila Baisakh’. Conveniently timed right after the exam season, Poila Baishakh meant carefree shopping expeditions (remember Chaitra sales?) and of course a hearty meal at home which your mother/grandmother/aunt lovingly prepared after slaving for hours in the kitchen.