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Post face-off, Bernanke says Rajan will surely maintain an independent policy

Describing Rajan as a long-time colleague and an outstanding economist, Bernanke, who retired January-end this year confessed he did not know much about Indian politics.

Gold shines in futures trade on global cues; up 0.72 pc

Gold futures prices rose 0.72 per cent to Rs 27,047 per 10 grams as speculators enlarged positions.


India important global player: Bernanke

Federal Reserve Chairman termed his discussions with RBI Governor and others as 'very worthwhile'.

Fed chairman offers no plan for new stimulus

The Federal Reserve chairman,Ben S Bernanke,said that the economy was recovering and the nation’s long-term prospects remained strong.

Bernanke signals intent to further spur economy

The Federal Reserve chairman,Ben S Bernanke,sent a clear signal on Friday that the central bank was poised to take additional steps to try to fight persistently low inflation and high unemployment.

Fed chief Bernanke is Time’s Person of the Year

The US Federal Reserve chairman Ben S Bernanke has been named as the ‘Person of the Year 2009’ by the leading American magazine Time.