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Why Ben Bernanke, former US Fed chairman, can't refinance his mortgage

Until earlier this year, Ben Bernanke, as chairman of US Fed, set the course of interest rate policy.

Post face-off, Ben Bernanke says Raghuram Rajan will surely maintain an independent policy

Bernanke says he has been very supportive of inflation targeting even before he became the US Fed chairman


Bernanke, Rajan face-off over US QE spillover

RBI Governor has called for more global coordination in monetary policy and creation of a ‘safety net’.

Fed committed to stimulus after tapering: Bernanke

Bernanke said central bank has the tools including adjusting the rate on excess bank reserves.

5 ways US Federal Reserve's influence expanded in 100 yrs

US Federal Reserve wields enormous power over people,economies worldwide.

India better prepared to deal with US Federal Reserve tapering: P. Chidambaram

Markets not likely to be surprised by moderate US Federal Reserve changes,says P. Chidambaram.


Dow Jones industrial average,S&P 500 end at record highs after US Fed trims stimulus

US Federal Reserve's action did not dent sentiment on Dow Jones industrial average,which surged to record closing high.

US Fed tapers starts,Ben Bernanke to slash bond purchases by $10 bn,emerging markets on notice

US Fed actions expected to hit the emerging stock markets hard.

US Fed committed to easy policy for as long as needed: Bernanke

The target for the federal funds rate is likely to remain near zero.

US Fed committed to easy policy for as long as needed

US Fed could hold interest rates near zero until US unemployment falls under 6.5 per cent.