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As in Qingdao, India stays away from supporting China's Belt and Road Initiative

The Bishkek declaration named every SCO member country except India. A similar formulation was adopted at the SCO summit in Qingdao.

‘India will not sign off on BRI at Bishkek’

India had refused to sign off on the BRI last year at the SCO summit in Qingdao, China, but New Delhi had not issued any statement opposing BRI this year when the second Belt and Road Forum met in April.


China says 'fed up' with hearing US complaints on Belt and Road

The initiative, a key thrust of President Xi Jinping's administration, has hit opposition in some countries over fears its opaque could lead to unsustainable debt and that it aims more to promote Chinese influence than development.

China using BRI to achieve its national security objectives: Mike Pompeo

A Pentagon report last week, he said, warned that China could use its civilian research presence in the Arctic to strengthen its military presence, including the deployment of submarines - including the deployment of submarines to the region as a deterrent against nuclear attack.

China removes BRI map that showed J-K, Arunachal Pradesh as part of India

The display of the map on a prominent Chinese government site at a time when the Second Belt and Road Forum is ongoing is at odds with China’s stance.

China president Xi Jinping touts more than $64 billion in Belt and Road deals

Xi said market principles will apply in all Belt and Road cooperation projects and that his signature initiative to recreate the old Silk Road joining China with Asia and Europe will deliver green and high-quality development.


Xi tries to ease debt worries, says Belt and Road not an exclusive club

Xi said: “Facts have proved jointly building the "One Belt And One Road" has not only provided new opportunities for the development of all countries in the world, but also opened up new horizons for China's opening-up and development.”

Britain calls China's Belt and Road Initiative a 'vision'

Britain and China will hold the next round of their Economic and Financial Dialogue (EFD) in mid-June in London, Hammond said on Thursday, after months of media reports that talks had been delayed by diplomatic tension.

Explained: What to expect from the second Belt and Road Forum

The second Belt and Road Forum is under way in Beijing. What has changed in this massive Chinese initiative since the first forum two years ago? How does Beijing see the BRI today — and how does the world see it?

Explained: What next for China's Belt and Road initiative

In October 2017, the Belt and Road Initiative was written into the Communist Party’s Constitution signalling an all-out effort to realize the vision.