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Half the world worries about Italy getting in bed With China

While the economic impact of a role for Italy in the Belt and Road will be limited, the symbolism of a G-7 country signing on is also causing disquiet in Washington, according to a US official, who asked not to be named citing the sensitive nature of the topic.

China’s 'Belt and Road’ plan in Pakistan takes a military turn

All those military projects were designated as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a $1 trillion chain of infrastructure development programs stretching across some 70 countries, built and financed by Beijing.


Fearing debt trap, Pakistan rethinks Chinese 'Silk Road' projects

Resistance has stiffened under the new government of populist Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has voiced alarm about rising debt levels and says the country must wean itself off foreign loans.

China renews pledges to open economy, protect intellectual property rights

Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, who is co-chairing the forum, told the meeting the business community "has always supported the idea that open markets foster new ideas and allow entrepreneurship to thrive."

Belt and Road Initiative for shared benefit, not being imposed: AIIB

India's worries over the 3,000-km long CPEC project connecting Pakistan's deep-water port Gwadar and China's Xinjiang stem from the fact that Gwadar, which was taken over by the Chinese, will become a future naval base.

China to establish international courts to deal with BRI cases

Proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the BRI focuses on connectivity and cooperation between Eurasian countries, primarily with China. It is not yet clear how the three courts will deal with cases from different countries which have diverse legal system.


CPEC will aggravate India-Pakistan tension: US think-tank

"The project also generates additional obstacles for the Indian efforts to access markets and natural gas reserves in Central Asia -- a region that India cannot reach directly by land because Pakistan denies its transit rights on Pakistani soil," report said.

Australia comes on board to complete quadrilateral, talks to be held this month

The idea is for leaders of the four countries to promote free trade and defence cooperation across a stretch of ocean from the South China Sea, across the Indian Ocean and all the way to Africa

India eyes airport in Sri Lanka, near Chinese Belt and Road outpost

The town of Hambantota sits near one of the world's busiest shipping lanes and is an important part of the Belt and Road initiative, aimed at building trade and transport links across Asia and beyond to Europe

India should shed 'strategic anxiety', join Belt and Road Initiative: Chinese media

The commentary came as troops of India and China are in a face-off since June 16 over the Chinese military's attempt to construct a strategic road in Doklam region of the Sikkim sector, which India and Bhutan is strongly objecting to.