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Saturday, October 24, 2020



Belgium imposes Covid-19 curfew, closes bars and restaurants

October 17, 2020 9:02 am

Belgium, which has a population of around 11.5 million, is one of the European countries hardest hit by the disease. Almost 6,000 new cases were recorded each day on average over the last week.

Belgian beach brawl fuels virus, political, climate tension

August 12, 2020 6:05 pm

Civic groups have called for action, urging people from poorer neighbourhoods to find lawyers if they felt harassed by police "racial profiling", or by zealous officials protecting wealthy holiday-makers at well-to-do beach communities.

Belgian king expresses regret for violence in colonial rule

June 30, 2020 9:04 pm

In a letter to the president of the DRC, Felix Tshisekedi, which was published on the 60th anniversary of the African country's independence, Belgium's King Philippe conveyed his deepest regrets for the acts of violence and cruelty and the "suffering and humiliation" inflicted on Belgian Congo.

103-year-old Belgian walks marathon to raise funds for COVID-19 research

June 13, 2020 5:42 pm

Alfons Leempoels, a retired general practitioner, started his 42.2 km (26.2 miles) journey in the municipality of Rotselaar, north-east of Brussels, on June 1 and plans to complete it on June 30.

Explained: Why the world’s highest Covid-19 death rate is in Belgium

April 25, 2020 6:08 pm

Despite having only 11 million people, Belgium has reported more deaths from the disease than China. With some 57 fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants, it has the highest per-capita death rate in the world.

A Belgian woman with 20 per cent lung capacity starts a home-based mask sewing army

March 23, 2020 12:48 pm

What started as a one-person operation about a week ago has mushroomed into a small army of home sewing Belgian mask makers.

A loss that keeps feet on ground

February 10, 2020 12:10 am

After a string of impressive results, India lose to world champions Belgium in a closely-contested match

Belgian town sheds UNESCO status over anti-Semitism row

December 02, 2019 5:17 pm

The town of Aalst was slammed after its famous carnival celebrations featured caricature Jews sitting atop piles of money. City officials say they are sick of the backlash and no longer want to be on the UN list.

Paralympian who won gold and silver medals in wheelchair racing ends life through euthanasia

October 23, 2019 3:22 pm

Marieke Vervoort won gold and silver medals in 2012 at the London Paralympics in wheelchair racing, and two more medals three years ago in Rio de Janeiro.

Belgium broke law but can keep nuclear plants open, EU court rules

July 30, 2019 2:16 pm

Belgium's self-imposed deadline for giving up nuclear power is not far off. Environmentalists look forward to the end of the atomic era, but not everyone thinks the country is ready to change course.


Paris celebrates as France advances to World Cup final

July 12, 2018 6:46 am

Delirious supporters draped in the Tricolor flag spilled on to Parisian boulevards as the blare of car horns reverberated through the French capital.

Belgium's King Philippe pays tribute to 26/11 terror attack victims at Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai

November 10, 2017 6:31 pm

Belgium's King Philippe pays tribute to the victims of 26/11 terror attacks at Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai on Friday.