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Being Baba: Donating memories, giving away what my baby no longer needs

As your baby grows older the number of things they have just keeps increasing and no matter how much you're attached to the older stuff, you must make space for the new. You are then faced with the dilemma of what to do with your precious memories.

Being Baba: Notes on my first Father's Day as a parent

"My son isn't even 10 months old so obviously it isn't like he got me gifts or even said anything special to me this year but this day for me, was a day of reflection. When you have a baby, each day is quite like the next in terms of a timetable of things. Sleep, food, bath, play-time - repeat!"


Being Baba: Give your child the gift of a hobby

"I promise you this. If you get them hooked onto something awesome when they’re kids, they will thank you for it when they grow up!"

Being Baba: When to introduce your kids to superhero comic books

Superhero comic books: The movies, TV shows and comics today are meant for adults and you have to be really careful when introducing really young children to them. However, pretty much all superhero characters have kid-friendly versions of their stories.

Being Baba: A note for Dads—step up!

Here’s what I want to say to all the good men out there. Be strong, not just for your baby but more importantly for your wife. Don’t let it bother you if she is a little angsty or irritable. It is part of the process. Accept it and be nice to her.

Being Baba: Let's make nursing in public comfortable for new mothers

Most families start going out with their baby possibly a month or two after they're born. Maybe to a family event, maybe even outstation or even something as simple as going to the mall--and when you're out most mothers are constantly worried about one thing. Will I find a safe and clean place to feed my baby?


Being Baba: Yes, baby fashion is a thing!

Owing to some of Neil's pretty pink and purple onesies, and his pierced ears, we've had quite a few strangers remark "Aww, she's so cute!" - and we have absolutely no problem with that!

Being Baba: What music is right for your child's ears?

If I had to think about babies, I would say that the music is a lot more important than the lyrics because when they are really young they are not paying attention to the words. All that they need is a good melody.

Being Baba: Travelling with a baby

You do this for you and for your wife so that you get a little change from being parents all the time. I mean, on vacation, you'll continue to be parents - change diapers, put him to sleep, feed him at all hours (you brave mommies you) and keep looking at every little thing he does…but you get to do that in a place away from home.

Being Baba: Protect your baby from the monsters out there

Make sure that as they're growing up they know how to take care of themselves too. Simple stuff like staying away from strangers, not accepting anything from someone you don't know or calling out for help when they need it.