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What you should eat for stronger, healthier nails

We may not take nail health seriously, but it does say a lot about our overall well-being.

Explained: Why Delhi has banned the company that makes Budweiser, Hoegaarden beer

The allegation against AB InBev - the parent company that owns Budweiser and Hoegaarden - pertains to evasion of excise duty.


A UK company is using discarded corn flakes to make beer and battle food wastage

For the past seven months, Seven Bros. has been using breakfast cereal to make beer. The aim of the venture is to address the global issue of food waste and its effect on climate change.

People love coffee, beer for buzz, not taste: Study

The study highlights important behaviour-reward components to beverage choice and adds to our understanding of the link between genetics and beverage consumption - and the potential barriers to intervening in people's diets, she said.

Driving us to drink

After giving stiff competition to stand-up comics, Donald Trump is determined to put editorial-writers out of business.

Like to drink beer? You have women to thank for it

Beer historian Jane Peyton claims that ancient Mesopotamian women were the first to develop, sell, and even drink beer. It is also believed that beer propelled the shift from Paleolithic civilization to Neolithic way of living.


Humans brewed beer over 13,000 years ago: study

Beer brewing may have been, at least in part, an underlying motivation to cultivate cereals in the southern Levant, supporting the beer hypothesis proposed by archaeologists more than 60 years ago.

International Beer Day 2018: Give a twist to these delicacies with a dash of beer

August 3 is now celebrated as International Beer Day. An occasional beer bottle is always welcome during certain celebrations with friends and so, here are some recipes you can try at home.

Microbreweries: How did making beer for a living become a legit career option?

India's microbrewery founders open about the charm and challenges of making it in the beer brewing business.

Know your beer: How not to get knocked down by the wide variety of beers in India

#InternationalBeerDay: The difference between types of beer can be distinguished by it's fermentation process and type of yeast used in it. From lagers to wheat beers to pale ales and sour ales – name it and it can be yours.