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In Bengaluru, an ode to broad beans at the Avarekai Mela

Rich in protein and fibre, find delicacies in every imaginable form from desserts to main course at the annual festival.

Diet Diary: Why grandma always washed those kidney beans

Lectins are type of proteins that choose and bind to carbohydrates on cell membranes and form complexes.


Beans show promise with diabetes: study

Legumes are good protein sources,and proteins tend to dampen the blood glucose response.

Diet alone helps lower bad cholesterol: study

One in four adults aged 45 and older in the United States takes the cholesterol-lowering drugs.

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6 fast facts about why you should include green beans in your diet

From giving amazing eye care benefits to helping you keep a healthy heart, here are a few facts on how green beans can benefit your dietary intake and why you should include a healthy portion of beans in your food.