Batman News

The Batman: Who should play the caped crusader?

Since there is no official confirmation by Warner Bros, which owns DC, about Robert Pattinson's casting we can still speculate on the potential actors who could don the Batman's cape.

Ben Affleck on hanging up Batman's cape: It's time for someone else to take a shot at it

Despite mostly positive reception to Batfleck as Ben Affleck's interpretation of Batman is popularly known, the actor believes he just could not crack the code. Batfleck first appeared in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


James Wan wants to direct a Batman horror movie

James Wan, who is mainly known for his horror movies like The Conjuring, says his take on Batman would have been horror. Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard and others, will release in India on December 14.

Happy Batman Day: 10 stories every Batman fan should read

Happy Batman Day: If you are looking to add a little bit of Batman to your lives on the day devoted to him, we would suggest grabbing one of these ten masterpieces of storytelling.

Happy Batman Day: A brief look at the Dark Knight in TV and film

Batman has been played by Hollywood superstars like Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and most recently, Ben Affleck. On Batman Day, let's journey through the character's adaptations in live-action television and cinema.

Josh Gad wants to play Penguin to Jon Hamm's Batman

Josh Gad tweeted a GIF and hashtagged Jon Hamm, showing that he is ready to play the villain Penguin opposite Jon Hamm's Batman. "#JonHamm I’m waiting," he said.


Batman Dead End: When the Dark Knight fought the Predator

As The Predator hits screens very soon, let us take a look at this unofficial crossover. The short film Batman: Dead End brought the Batman into conflict with two alien species from other cinematic universes, Fox's Predator and Alien film franchises.

Matt Reeves on The Batman: We’re not doing an origin tale

Matt Reeves, who is best known for Andy Serkis starrer Planet of the Apes trilogy (the reboot), is developing a movie on the DC superhero that most likely will not star Ben Affleck as it is said to be based on the younger Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Meet the designer who made Superman and Wonder Woman swap looks

In her latest project, ‘Sexism in Comic Book ART’, 21-year-old Shreya Arora flips the narrative and makes men pose like women on superhero comic covers to show how absurd it looks.

Batman #50 spoilers hint at Batman-Catwoman wedding, but there's a twist

Though DC Comics Batman #50 is on sale now, the spoilers to the latest Batman comic that were released some time ago, included both Batman and Catwoman finding a judge and witnesses, preparing for their wedding and getting dressed.