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Plant protection: The next blockbuster basmati

Breeding for resistance, rather than spraying pesticides, is the way ahead to secure a $ 5-billion export industry.

GI Battle: Rice millers in Madhya Pradesh claim superiority of basmati variety grown in state

According to Arora, whose Rs 3,500-crore sales company sells basmati rice under the Daawat brand, the soil and environmental conditions in MP are best suited for growing the high-yielding Pusa Basmati-1 variety.


Madhya Pradesh's Basmati claim

The Narendra Modi government may find itself in a tricky situation over the issue of extending geographical indication (GI) certification for basmati paddy grown in Madhya Pradesh (MP).

Basmati crop in Gurdaspur, Amritsar under pest threat

The state agriculture department has issued an advisory to farmers of the basmati crop to keep a close eye on their plants.

Growing ‘Safe’ Paddy: Punjab’s crop diversification comes a cropper

Plunging prices, coupled with an assured market in the form of governmental procurement for regular parmal (non-basmati) paddy, have put paid to Punjab’s much-hyped crop diversification programme (CDP) yet again. The state’s policymakers have sought to bring down the area under water-guzzling paddy, especially the parmal varieties that are transplanted by mid-June. The current CDP, […]

Everyone wants to grow basmati

Punjab looks at increasing area to meet demand, but fear is price crash.


Diverse first results

In Punjab’s first season of crop diversification,basmati scores on all counts,maize and cotton lose on production but gain on prices.

Farmers sore as Basmati fails to fetch good price

With private shellers refusing to give them good prices,Basmati crop has added to the worries of farmers.