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From 300 kg to 86 kg: Pune woman undergoes 2 weight loss surgeries

Amita Rajani's life took a turn for the worse when at the age of six, she started piling up on the kilos. At 16, she weighed 126 kg and found it difficult to carry out routine tasks. After she hit 300 kg, she had to be constantly assisted.

From one procedure 20 yrs ago to 15,000 today, bariatric surgeries the new normal to fight obesity

Increasing awareness about the problems associated with obesity, a sharp decline in the costs of the surgery, and technological improvements over the years has made the surgery more acceptable to people.


Everything you wanted to know about bariatric surgery, but didn’t know whom to ask

Bariatric surgery helps to reduce around 20 to 25kg of excess weight right after the operation and in the first month following it. But is this really the solution you should be opting for if your only health problem is that you’re slightly overweight?

More women opt for silicon balloon implants to lose weight: Doctors

Experts have said that silicon balloon implants in the stomach are becoming popular among young women.

Andres Moreno, world's most obese man dies at 38 despite successful weight-loss surgery

Andres Moreno — who once weighed 450 kilos — shed 100 kilos for a bariatric surgery that removed three-fourths of his stomach. The ex-policeman died on Christmas Day on the way to the hospital after reporting breathing difficulty.

3 sisters undergo bariatric surgery to fight obesity

For the past 11 years, I was taking medications to reduce weight and joined a gym, too.


Kolkata boy youngest in world to undergo bariatric surgery: Docs

At four years and ten months,Rishi,a boy from Kolkata,weighs 44.5 kg

Medical Council goes slow on grievance redressal,250 complaints still pending

The Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC),which had 900 odd complaints of medical negligence to clear,has managed to sort out a majority of them.

Programme on bariatric surgery on July 14

With an aim to introducing bariatric surgery to those who are excessively overweight and have been struggling to cut down their kilos,Columbia Asia Hospital,Pune,is organizing a public programme on July 14

Four of ten patients in state need surgery to lose weight,say experts

Four out of ten patients visiting a bariatric surgeon are ready for a bariatric surgery,as they feel there is no other way to reduce weight.