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In Cairo, Mike Pompeo blasts Obama's Middle East policies

Pompeo is touring the region to try to explain U.S. strategy after Trump's surprise announcement last month of an abrupt withdrawal of all 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria, which rattled allies, shocked top U.S. officials and prompted US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis's resignation.

Barack Obama’s Favorite Book of 2018 Was ‘Becoming.’ Here’s What Else He Liked.

It was a wide-ranging list that included songs by artists as varied as Cardi B, Janelle Monáe and Nancy Wilson, who died this month.


Barack Obama appears on ‘Hamilton’ remix

Obama then goes on to read Washington’s celebration of retirement and being able to enjoy “the benign influence of good laws under a free government, the ever-favorite object of my heart.”

Trump officials cancel Obama-era policy on school discipline

Critics said the policy overstepped federal authority and left schools afraid to take action against potentially violent students.

Season’s greetings

Obama’s visit was like the aurora borealis in the tundra of Donald Trump’s America. Indeed, only Obama could have pulled it off. The gesture needed a largeness of heart and faith in the future that recalls his inaugural address from a decade ago.

A strategy of retreat in Syria, with echoes of Obama

Donald Trump’s view that American forces cannot alter the strategic balance in the Middle East, and should not be there, was fundamentally shared by his immediate predecessor, Barack Obama.


Watch video: No chumminess between Trump, Obama at George Bush funeral

Awkward handshakes, folded arms and a forward stare - Trump's behavior contrasted with that of his presidential counterparts.

Video: Obama cheered after he volunteers at Chicago food bank for Thanksgiving

Wearing a Chicago White Sox hat, Obama arrived with bags of donated food and put on gloves to work with volunteers at the centre.

Donald Trump to nominate handbag designer as new South African ambassador

The nomination comes at a time of frayed relations between the two countries after a tweet in August in which Trump asked his secretary of state to study South African "land and farm seizures".

What happens when a solitude loving person marries an outgoing family woman? Michelle Obama reveals in her memoir

In her memoir, Becoming, Michelle Obama has shed light on her private life, her equation with her husband Barack Obama and has also voiced her opinion on the current President Donald Trump.

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Nelson Mandela's 100th birth anniversary: Tracing Madiba's legacy

When free and fair elections were held in 1994, Nelson Mandela became president with an overwhelming majority support. He was to retire in 1999, although he continued to be an active part of South African public and moral life.

Modi in US, Day 2: Meetings with Obama, Ash Carter, grand welcome at USIBC gala

The Prime Minister said that a larger Indian economy has multiple benefits for the world


Top Frames: Simhastha Kumbh Mela, severe drought conditions in India

A Sadhu or a Hindu holy man during a prayer ceremony at the Simhastha Kumbh Mela in Ujjain; Much of India is reeling under a weeks long heat wave and severe drought conditions that have decimated crops, killed livestock and left at least 330 million Indians without enough water for their daily needs.

Photos of Prince George meeting Obamas in pyjamas is the cutest thing ever

The palace released a series of photos showing everyone chatting in the drawing room of William and Kate's home, and of Obama kneeling in front of George, who appeared ready for bed in pajamas and a robe.

Top Frames: Barack Obama with daughter Malia, American Idol Grand Finale, Heavy Rains in Peshawar

Malia Obama walks with her father President Barack Obama; Confetti falls down during the conclusion of the American Idol Grand Finale; flooded road after heavy rain on the outskirts of Peshawar, Pakistan.


Defying rain, Obama tours old Havana on foot with family

President Barack Obama arrived to small but cheering crowds on Sunday at the start of a historic three-day visit to Cuba.

Top Frames: Barack Obama's sings at Ray Charles tribute, Hillary Clinton participates in CNN town hall

Barack Obama sings at Ray Charles tribute in White House, Hillary Clinton participates in a CNN town hall style televised event.

Top Frames: Barack Obama at the podium, Pope Francis at the Paul VI hall

U.S. President Barack Obama (at podium) delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress in Washington, Pope Francis (C) waves as he arrives to lead the weekly audience at the Paul VI hall at the Vatican.

Top quotes from Barack Obama's State of the Union address — 'US most powerful nation on Earth. Period.'

All the talk of America’s economic decline is political hot air. So is all the rhetoric you hear about our enemies getting stronger and America getting weaker, said Obama.

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Military assistance to Pakistan has decreased: US envoy

New Delhi, Feb 23 (ANI): United States Ambassador to India, Richard Verma, said the military assistance to Pakistan has gone down shortly days after India expressed its disappointment over Barack Obama administration's decision to sell Pakistan eight F-16 fighter jets. Briefing the media at the fourth annual lecture of Indian Association of Foreign Affairs Correspondents in New Delhi, Verma said the assistance to Islamabad was to address a specific counter militancy and counter insurgency threat. As the US goes to polls later this year, Verma said the relations between India and the U.S. would be topmost priority for the next president.