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International Left Handers Day: Are left-handed people more intelligent?

Almost 10 to 13 percent of the population are left-handed and going by the fact that there are fewer people, the world has more geniuses comparatively. Some of the famous lefties include Aristotle, Marie Curie and Barack Obama.

barack and michelle start hiring fro NEtflix project

Michelle and Barack Obama start hiring for their Netflix project

According to reports, social activist and filmmaker Priya Swaminathan will be a part of the highly anticipated Netflix ventures of Barack and Michelle Obama.

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Barack Obama, Joe Biden ‘reunite’ for lunch at bakery, stun customers

Barack Obama and Joe Biden made an appearance together for lunch at a Georgetown’s Dog Tag Bakery. The bakery CEO said that the visit was a ‘total surprise’ and stated that ‘honestly everyone freaked out.’

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Trump administration backs Barack Obama in national monument clash

Contrary to President Donald Trump’s numerous efforts to shred Obama’s legacy, US Justice Department lawyers are in Obama’s corner as they defend his expansion of a national monument in Oregon.

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WATCH: Barack Obama dances in Kenya with grandmother; video goes viral

Obama was in Kenya to support support his half-sister Dr Auma Obama, who opened a sports and vocational resource centre in Siaya County. There he wowed the audience with his dancing moves and sweet gestures.

Barack Obama shares his summer reading list, praises Africa’s literary tradition

Paying tribute to Mandela, Obama also included the towering leader’s autobiography ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ in the list.

Barack Obama, Obama Kenya, Kenya's political reconciliation, Former US President, Uhuru Kenyatta, world news

Barack Obama praises Kenya’s political reconciliation

Barack Obama went to Kogelo on Monday to launch a sports and training center founded by his half-sister, Auma Obama, through her foundation Sauti Kuu.

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Donald Trump says Barack Obama did nothing about Russian election meddling

President Donald Trump said former president Barack Obama paid little attention to FBI’s allegation of Russian involvement in 2016 Presidential elections because he thought Hillary Clinton was going to win. However, when Trump won, it became the ‘Rigged Witch Hunt’.

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Barack Obama recommends 6 books inspired by Africa to read this summer

Barack Obama will be heading to Kenya and South Africa for the first time since he left office in 2016. Before going for his trip, the former US President suggested 6 books for a good summer read.

Barack Obama Donald Trump twitter

Donald Trump, Barack Obama see significant drop in Twitter followers

Twitter’s Legal, Policy, Trust and Safety Lead Vijaya Gadde acknowledged in a blog post that the move might disappoint some users, but it was necessary to regain trust.

Asian-American group hails rescinding of Obama-era admission guidelines

Asian-American group hails rescinding of Obama-era admission guidelines

The Trump Administration has rescinded the Obama-era guidelines that encouraged American schools, colleges and institutes of higher education to use race and ethnicity as a factor in the admissions process to promote diversity among students.

US to give North Korea post-summit timeline with 'asks' soon: official

Barack Obama would have been called a ‘national hero’ by US media after North Korea talks, says Donald Trump

While Trump’s supporters describe the summit as historic, and a development that has made the US and the world safe, his opponents are skeptical arguing that Pyongyang cannot be relied upon.

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Barack Obama’s heartfelt tweet for Anthony Bourdain takes Twitterati down the memory lane

Taking a cue from Anthony Bourdain’s 2016 tweet of their rendezvous at the restaurant Bun cha Huong Lien, Barack Obama wrote, “’Low plastic stool, cheap but delicious noodles, cold Hanoi beer.’

Asif Ali Zardari welcomed Osama bin Laden's killing by US, according to new book

Asif Ali Zardari welcomed Osama bin Laden’s killing by US, according to new book

Zardari was thrust into a leading role in Pakistani politics after his wife and prominent politician Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by extremists on 27 December, 2007

Barack Obama played African-American card to win Modi on Paris climate change: Book

Barack Obama played African-American card to win Modi on Paris climate change: Book

“When we got to Paris, the main holdout was India,” Obama’s then top foreign policy and national security aide for eight years Ben Rhodes writes in his book ‘The World at It Is: A Memoir of the Obama White House’.