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What to expect in 2019, Economy: Some gains likely in poll year, but don’t count on growth spurt yet

Gains from GST and insolvency code will begin to accrue, but may not immediately translate into higher growth rates. The impact of the new government’s decisions will take a while to show. Major worries remain at home and abroad. Expect volatility in the stock markets.

Beyond 270-day period: ‘Delay in resolution of 12 big a/cs cost banks Rs 4,000 crore additional income’

Till September 30, there have been 52 resolution plans approved by the NCLT which has led to the financial creditors realising a cumulative amount of about Rs 58,400 crore.


Bankruptcy cases: Foreign funds load up equity to buy companies

Specialised stressed assets funds line up more than Rs 15,000-crore equity capital, joining hands with Indian entities.

Signals from a bankruptcy

The Bhushan case is a brick in the wall of a new corporate meritocracy where rule of law matters.

Bankruptcy ordinance: Businesses will have to either perform or exit, no room for wilful defaulters, says Finance Ministry

"It is a moral and ethical responsibility to prohibit entry of such misuse of public money. The cushion of loan waiver of any kind does not arise," an official said

Mallya-like episode impossible under new Bankruptcy Code: TK Viswanathan

Former Union law secretary TK Viswanathan said the law also allows workers of a company to initiate voluntary liquidation proceedings.


Bankruptcy Code: Creative destruction

Bankruptcy Code will ease dispute resolution, embolden entrepreneurs.

Simply put: Why the proposed Bankruptcy Code is needed, how it’ll tackle bad debts

Indian Express explains a significant reform — given the bad-loan crisis in banking, and cases of default such as Mallya’s.

Bankruptcy Code positive financial sector reform: Nomura

The Code is also seen as a big positive for the banking sector, which is currently burdened with stressed assets.

Making a money bill of it

The bankruptcy code, not a money bill, was introduced in Lok Sabha as one. Is this the first of a new trend?

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Opinion | How Is The Bankruptcy Code Helping RBI Crack Down On Insolvency?

About 18 months after India’s new bankruptcy law came into force, it will face its first test later this month when the resolution plan for Kolkata-based Nicco Industries is adjudicated. Whether the sick company can be restructured or shut down swiftly  within 180 days of the case being registered. Over 1,000 applications for resolution have […]