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Bangladesh war


Sunday Long Reads: Afghanistan before Taliban, Vir Sanghvi memoir, idea of wabi-sabi, and more

August 29, 2021 9:56 am

Enjoy this week's interesting reads here!

Jharkhand: 44 years later, wife brings home soil from ’71 war hero’s grave

January 17, 2016 2:52 am

Apart from laying wreaths, the Army presented guard of honour before the last remains were taken to Gumla, his native district. Senior state government officials were also present on the occasion.

After the victory, the unravelling

June 23, 2014 9:05 am

The afterglow from the Bangladesh war soon faded, and Indira Gandhi found herself besieged.

When the fighting has to stop

May 25, 2014 11:59 pm

Immediately after Bangladesh was freed, Indira Gandhi declared a unilateral ceasefire on the western front.

Lightning campaign in Bangladesh

May 12, 2014 11:05 pm

The spectre of Chinese military action hovered even as India embarked on the 14-day war

The build-up to flashpoint

April 27, 2014 11:39 pm

How the London ‘Times’ jumped the gun in announcing the beginning of the Bangladesh war.

Pune's Salunke Vihar unites to create and name garden after war hero of 1971

November 16, 2013 3:13 pm

Harolikar of 5th Gorkha Rifles was a Lt Colonel in 1971 operations and was decorated with MVC.

Unabashed and Fearless

April 14, 2013 5:16 am

Margaret Thatcher lived up to her convictions,unfazed by peer opinion

National Interest: 1962,a different story

October 20, 2012 2:27 am

In the darkness of defeat on the east,let’s recall a bright,shining moment—of courage on the western front

40 years on,Bangladesh to honour ‘foreign friends’ who aided liberation

October 19, 2012 2:03 am

Vajpayee,Jyoti Basu,Kaifi Azmi,Dylan,11 Pakistanis on list