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Shot in the back: the dangers of being an opposition candidate in Bangladesh

Khokon, who is contesting Sunday's parliamentary election as a candidate for Bangladesh Nationalist Party, alleges he was shot by a senior police officer in Noakhali while canvassing for votes, about 40 of his supporters were also injured.

Arrest of a journalist

In Dhaka, a leader who claims to be democratic seems to be giving in to her authoritarian instincts.


Bangladesh ex-minister Salahuddin Ahme can’t leave Shillong

He was released from the hospital after doctors declared his condition to be stable, but the court has debarred him from leaving the city.

Maitree Express firebombed in Bangla, none injured

The attack is the latest in a spate of political violence that has claimed 75 lives so far in the neighbouring country.

Train derails on second day of Bangladesh strike, sabotage suspected

Two bogies and the engine derailed at the southeastern Chittagong station, severly hitting sevices.

One more dead in Bangladesh unrest, toll rises to 27

Transport blockade by Opposition in protest against controversial elections won by Awami League last year entered the 13th day.


Uneasy in Dhaka

A bitter divide between government, opposition has corroded Bangladesh’s polity.

Bangladesh Nationalist Party vows to continue nationwide protest, 3 more die in violence

BNP alleged that the two activists were killed in police firing.

Being neighbourly

India needs a more generous and accommodating approach to Bangladesh.

‘I don’t think many Bangladeshis go to India, they are doing quite well here’

Khaleda Zia, two-term former Bangladesh PM, in conversation with Shubhajit Roy.