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Ex-UN secretary general's nephew pleads guilty in bribe case

Joo Hyun Bahn, also known as Dennis Bahn, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and a corruption count in Manhattan federal court as part of a deal with prosecutors.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon welcomes Donald Trump's call for unity

In a phone call on Friday afternoon when anti-Trump protests were underway across the United States, Ban congratulated Trump again on his election victory.


Always supportive of any direct talks between Pakistan, India: UN

"I think, throughout his tenure, the Secretary-General has always been supportive of any direct dialogue between Pakistan and India," Stephane Dujarric said.

Ban Ki-moon has always supported direct talks between India, Pakistan: Spokesperson

Questions are being raised if Ban Ki-Moon would push a direct talks between Indo-Pak before his term ends this year

Islamic State 'spreading like a cancer': UN chief Ban Ki-moon

The war raging in Syria has "provided the perfect breeding ground for extremist and terrorists to take root in the society"

UN responds to PM Modi's criticm by defending its stance against terrorism

"We certainly are trying to take a responsible attitude in terms of dealing with terrorism and the spectre of terrorism worldwide," said Ban Ki-moon.


UN chief urges release of detained and missing UN staff

Ban Ki-moon said six staffers were held hostage by armed groups last year before being released.

Western Sahara talks: UN chief Ban Ki-moon to send envoy

The 40 year-old conflict between Morocco and the Polisario Front which claims independence for Polisario, has also led to icy relations with Algeria which supports the Front.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon warns military action risks derailing Syria talks

The resolution was supported by 17 key countries supporting opposing sides of the Syrian conflict who agreed on February 12 to a "cessation of hostilities" in Syria within a week.

UN chief hails progress in Sri Lanka after one year

The Secretary-General acknowledges the initial steps the Government has taken to strengthen good governance in Sri Lanka

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Ban Ki-moon urges Netanyahu and Abbas to step back from ‘dangerous abyss’

An international diplomatic effort spearheaded by the UN’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is under way to try and end three weeks of violence between Palestinians and Israel.