Ballabhgarh Communal Violence

Ballabhgarh Communal Violence News

Day after Ballabhgarh communal violence: Behind Atali’s second brush with violence, a spat over drinking water

While the Jats in the village admitted that the altercation at the temple had taken place on Tuesday night, they strongly denied allegations about instigating the violence.

Hindus, Muslims pelt stones at each other as violence erupts yet again in Ballabhgarh

Hindus, Muslims threw bricks and bottles from rooftops, mosque desecrated again, said Police.


Ballabhgarh Communal Violence: ‘Woman arsonist, masked men, gold thieves’ in village riot

100 police complaints filed by Atali Muslims detail a free-for-all where Hindu neighbours wreaked havoc.

Ballabhgarh Communal Violence: Court case hits Muslims who were promised they could build mosque

After the violence, almost 150 Muslims fled the village and took shelter at the Ballabhgarh (city) police station.

Ballabhgarh Communal Violence- Riot-hit Muslims stand their ground: Arrest culprits first

Villagers still camping at police station a week after their homes were set afire.

Ballabhgarh Communal Violence: Won’t return till rioters held, say Muslims

Third day of talks fail as no arrests are made and no pact looks likely for disputed mosque in Atali village.