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Families in Food: The homemade cakes that Mumbai's high society orders

The cakes at this small Mumbai bakery may be homemade. But they are among the city’s most popular.

Whip up the perfect winter dessert with these smart baking tips

Baking can sometimes be a messy and time-consuming affair. But have listed some quick fixes, smart hacks and time saving tips that will make baking a breeze.


Conscious Cooking: Parenting tips and tricks

By looking out for recipes which are simple in nature, every parent can easily incorporate conscious cooking in day-to-day life. Additions such as dark chocolate chunks and sun-dried fruits can make the baked dishes even tastier.

Winter delight: Make Eggless Fruit and Nut Cake and eat for a month

Eggless fruit and nut cake will give you the much-needed energy and a health boost in winter season. Check out the recipe.

Pahwa Puff Girl

As a child,Vibha Pahwa would spend hours watching the ladies of the house,her mother and aunts — whip,chop,cook and bake in the family kitchen.

Pastry chefs are rising stars

The culinary world has been at the centre of gastronomic world,but now it is minting new stars.