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The City of Mushairas

The life and times of Delhi’s leading poets of the Mughal era and their enrichment of a syncretic language

The ongoing exhibition at Barrack number 4 befittingly presents art from different periods

Organised by The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in collaboration with Delhi Art Gallery — titled “Drishyakala”, begins with British artists Thomas and William Daniell, who travelled through India late eighteenth century onwards to produce “Oriental Scenery”, often described as “the finest illustrated work on India”. “


Modi visits Mughal ruler Bahadur Shah Zafar's grave in Yangon

Modi visited the 'Mazar' of the emperor here and paid floral tributes. The prime minister also tweeted a picture of himself at the Mughal ruler's grave.

The Life and Poetry of Bahadur Shah Zafar: Remembering the last Mughal emperor

It is interesting to note that both the "life and poetry" of the late ruler find their rightful space in the book and there is no overlapping of the two.