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To clean or not to clean: Things you may not know about your earwax

The big debate has always been about whether the ear should be cleaned periodically, or if the wax should be left untouched.

Germ attack! Everything you need to know about the 'five-second rule'

While some actually choose to believe and follow it, others think of it as an amusing notion, albeit a stupid one.


Hans Christian Gram: Google Doodle honours Danish scientist for contribution to microbiology

Hans Christian Gram's 166 Birthday Google Doodle: His namesake staining technique was a groundbreaking discovery in the study of microbiology.

Your mouthwash could negate post-workout benefits, study reveals

Some bacteria living inside our mouth are known to convert nitrate into nitric oxide, which, when gulped, helps in the widening of blood vessels.

How methane-eating bacteria create green fuel decoded

The finding could lead to newly designed, human-made catalysts that can convert methane to readily usable methanol.

Why your doctor's white coat can be a threat to your health

Several studies of American physicians found that a majority go more than a week before washing white coats. Seventeen percent go more than a month.


Asthma-causing microbes contaminate e-cigarettes: Study

The research shows that chemicals linked with severe respiratory disease are found in common e-cigarette flavours.

Purple bacteria may help harvest green fuel from wastewater

Purple phototrophic bacteria capture energy from sunlight using a variety of pigments, which turn them shades of orange, red or brown -- as well as purple.

Do probiotics really keep the good bacteria in your gut happy?

According to the study, probiotics were found to have little to no effect in the body. The researchers believe that probiotics of the future would need tailoring to the needs of each individual.

Bacteria too can become extinct, says study

Despite the frequent, steady extinction of individual species, the study shows that overall bacteria have been diversifying exponentially without interruption.