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Having a baby? Here are 8 tips from parents on how to take care of the newborn

"Children tend to grow super fast and particularly from 0-2 is like so many activities happening. They are helpless to walking and trying to speak. Be curious and when you play tend to become their age. Don't bother about what other society thinks or others think."

Is it your baby's first winter? Here are tips to keep him warm and heallthy

Here are some tips for parents to make sure their newborn doesn't face any discomfort and remains healthy during winter.


Go for natural, paraben free baby care products

A baby’s delicate skin absorbs and loses moisture much easier than an adult’s skin. This implies that they are more likely to absorb the chemicals applied on their body.

Is your baby lactose intolerant? Here's how you can tell

If the child is diagnosed with lactose intolerance when he is predominantly milk fed, then a lactose-free formula needs to be introduced.

How to pick non-toxic toothpaste for your child

Learn to check the labels and choose a toothpaste that’s safe for your child and tastes good as well. By Ghazal Alagh Making kids brush their teeth can be a difficult task for most parents, but choosing the right toothpaste is even tougher. While a toothpaste with a pleasant taste may help parents open locked […]

Reduce plastic pollution, go green with baby wipes

Worldwide research says polyester in baby wipes account for around 35 per cent of plastic pollution and many environmental agencies have even come forward to stop its usage.


Must have summer products for your little one

Soaring temperature can increase the risk of dehydration and irritation for your little one. It is always important to protect your baby from sun exposure and other factors using right kind of products.

Baby care: From diapering to feeding, here are simple tips for new moms

Read the parent-to-parent advice on feeding, soothing, and more during baby's nurturing period at home.