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Case of ‘cross pathy’: 8 years after boy’s death, doctor who gave ayurvedic medicine suspended for 3 months

Vishal Sundar, a resident of Sangam Vihar, was brought to Health Point Hospital in the area by his parents in November 2010.

14 Ayurvedic ways to protect your child from mosquito bites

Maintain proper hygiene in and around your house. Most important is to check stagnant water from accumulating near the house.


Having ghee can protect kids from diseases. Here's how

It is recommended to limit children’s ghee intake to half or one teaspoon a day. This is not a fixed number though and can be varied as per the doctor’s advice after considering the age and growth of toddlers.

13 simple home remedies for your child’s stomach ache

Making turmeric, cumin, fennel seeds, coriander and asafoetida a part of the regular diet could help in improving the overall digestive function.

Air pollution: 5 Ayurvedic remedies to help your child build immunity

Children, more than adults, tend to have a sensitive respiratory system and exhibit symptoms like coughing, sneezing, wheezing, itches, rashes and shortness of breath, almost immediately when exposed to hazardous levels of pollutants in the air. There are two things that we can do to manage the impact of these pollutants—one is to improve immunity in children and second is improving the quality of air at home.

Get your kids on this post-Diwali Ayurveda detox routine

Using Kshirbala oil, made from a herbal formulation prescribed by Ayurevda, to massage your limbs everyday can reduce Vata imbalance and is great for strengthening bones and muscles.


8 Ayurvedic tips for children to enjoy a happy and healthy Navratri

Navratri 2018: In order to maintain a balance of doshas especially among children, it is very important that their routine for the day and night is maintained in spite of the festivities.

Is an Ayurvedic diet based on your Dosha helpful?

An Ayurvedic diet is basically a personalized diet that suits and balances your unique Dosha, instead of aggravating it. But it alone will do you no good if you are not regular about your meal timings.

Easy Ayurveda treatments to cure common cold in children

Dalchini (cinnamon) and Mulethi (licorice) are both very effective in treating cold.

Treat your child’s cold with these home remedies and yoga asanas

Simple breathing techniques can help to harmonise the mental, physical and emotional imbalances, clear up the nasal passages and increase the energy levels in the body.