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Even when a police officer is killed by Hindus, it is minorities that face the brunt

Going by the record, it would appear that when the perpetrators of the violence are minorities, the process of justice is swift. When they form part of organised Hindu militant groups, the fabled long arm of the law barely moves.

In Amethi, Smriti Irani asks 'Ram Bhakts' to question Rahul Gandhi's stand on Ayodhya issue

Irani had unsuccessfully contested against Rahul Gandhi in the 2014 Lok Sabha election and they are likely to fight again from Amethi in the general election later this year.


History Headline: The familiar drumroll of Ayodhya

These lines could well have been from 26 years ago when Mahant Avaidyanath, Adityanath’s mentor, the head of the Gorakhnath Math and one of the leading lights of the Sangh Parivar’s temple movement, had hit out at the “delay”.

All options open for VHP to pursue construction of Ram temple: VHP working president

VHP working president Alok Kumar said this government is of "Ram Bhakts" and that he has no doubt about their intentions.

Congress: All sides should accept Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya issue

In a statement, AICC communication department convenor Priyanka Chaturvedi also accused the BJP of conspiring for the last 30 years to mislead people on the Ram Temple issue.

Delay in hearing (Babri case) impacted Hindu-Muslim relations: VHP working president

"This delay impacted Hindu-Muslim relations. I believe if this matter had been resolved, it could have gone a long way in creating amicable relations," VHP working president Alok Kumar said.


Ayodhya case: Understanding the ‘essentiality doctrine’ and its implications

By refusing review, the court has refused to consider the question of whether the freedom of religion protects only practices of particular significance, and not all religious practices. The question of comparative significance of religious practices also remains untouched.

Babri Masjid trial has stalled my promotion: Sessions Judge to Supreme Court

In his plea to the Supreme Court, Surendra Kumar Yadav requested that he be allowed to file an application seeking cancellation of the notification that has stalled his promotion on transfer.

Uttar Pradesh to Supreme Court: Do not allow bid to delay Ayodhya ruling

The UP government said that the Allahabad High Court ruling that ordered three-way division of the disputed Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi site in Ayodhya had made it clear that its judgment was “not based upon Dr M Ismail Faruqui judgment”.

Ayodhya hearing in Supreme Court: Appellant says important all exercise restraint

Rajeev Dhavan, who is appearing for M Siddiq — an appellant in the suit who has died but is represented through his legal heir — told the top court that “it is extremely important that people should restrain themselves, especially the Hindu side. So far as the Hindu side is concerned, it has not observed restraint”.