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Al Qaeda Indian Subcontinent branch claims murder of Bangladesh-born US blogger Avijit Roy

Asim Umar, head of AQIS, has claimed responsibility for a string of attacks, including Avijit Roy.

84 on hitlist, 8 killed: Dhaka’s politics drives cycle of death

The Bangladesh-born US blogger was known for his writing against religious fundamentalism.


A battle Bangladesh must win

Behind Avijit Roy’s murder lies a story of spreading extremism. A fatal flaw in the government’s counter-militancy strategy is its over-reliance on law and order agencies.

I will not be quiet, says wife of murdered Bangladeshi blogger

Bangladeshi blogger Avijit Roy was hacked to death by suspected Islamic extremists in Dhaka in late February.

Mamata condemns murder of blogger

'I strongly condemn the murder. There is no language to express our sympathies.'