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Chris Evans and Channing Tatum auditioned for Avatar, says James Cameron

Avatar director James Cameron said he found the performance of Sam Worthington better for the part of disabled former marine Jake Sully than the other two stars.

James Cameron begins production of four Avatar sequels

James Cameron's 2009 'Avatar' sequels are ready for production. Four sequels are said to be shot simultaneously. The first 'Avatar' sequel will release on December 18, 2020, and the next comes a year later, with the last two in December 2024 and 2025.


Director James Cameron addresses gap between Avatar films

James Cameron has broken his silence over the time lag between the two parts of the science fiction film series. He says that big-budget and visionary movies usually take a longer time to come together. Avatar till date is one of the best 3D animations.

James Cameron giving 'Avatar' scripts the final touch

Filmmaker James Cameron says that he is currently "doing another pass of the "Avatar" scripts.

Zoe Saldana seeks parenting advice from Mark Ruffalo

Zoe Saldana turns to her "Infinity Polar Bear" co-star Mark Ruffalo for parenting advice when it comes to raising her twin boys.

'Avatar' plagiarism suit rejected by appeals court

James Cameron has won the legal battle against Gerald Morawski who claimed the plot of "Avatar" was stolen.


Zoe Saldana expecting twin boys

'Avatar' star Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco Perego are reportedly expecting twin boys.

'Transformers 4' rakes up USD 317 million in China

'Transformers: Age of Extinction', the fourth installment in the robot movie franchise, earned 1.97 billion yuan in China.

Revisiting Pandora

With Avatar, James Cameron redefined cinema and started a whole new craze for 3D. There is a lot riding now on the three back-to-back sequels of the film in production

My husband's tattoo was romantic: Zoe Saldana

'Avatar' star Zoe Saldana thought it was romantic that her husband Marco Perego decided to get her face tattooed onto his arm.

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The Jungle Book, Fast and Furious 7, Jurassic World: Hollywood movies that took the Indian box office by storm

The Jungle Book has minted over Rs.150 crore at the Indian box office. There are other Hollywood movies in the past which have also taken the ticket windows in India by storm. A look!