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How to set sleep routines for children with autism

Bedtime should be the same every day and parents must include activities which are relaxing and pleasant, suitable as per the child's needs and interests. A bedtime routine should consist of four to five steps which do not take much time.

Novel technique to accurately detect autism in kids

Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada characterised how children with ASD scan a person's face differently than a neuro-typical child.


Sports can help kids with autism to socialise and develop skills

Parents of special needs children can introduce their kids to innovative methods to enhance their motor and social skills. Social skills help children with autism to learn how to act in different situations.

The Early Years: Not all kids with cerebral palsy or autism have intellectual disabilities

Intellectual disabilities may be associated with other developmental disorders such as autism and cerebral palsy or may present as pure intellectual disabilities not associated with any other syndromes. However, not all children with cerebral palsy or autism have intellectual disabilities.

Watch: To understand autism, look each other in the eye

When her son was diagnosed with autism, Carina Morillo knew almost nothing about the condition. Since Ivan didn't react to words or speak, she talks about how she found ways to communicate with him.

Imagine: Children with autism are different, not less

The child is not damaged or broken so nothing needs to be fixed. Maybe we are bit broken as human beings that we struggle to accept children who do not fit into the neat grooves we design for them.


World Autism Day: Think beyond the social stigma of autism spectrum disorder

A wait-and-see approach delays diagnosis and early intervention that a child with ASD needs. The social norms that guide our communication don’t play the same role in the interactions of someone with ASD.

World Autism Day: 'You have to be patient', says dad Jon Roberts on raising an autistic child

It wasn't until we started taking her to Day Care and the local playground that we suddenly noticed the difference between her and other children of the same age.

World Autism Day: Why do some autistic children find it difficult to recognise faces?

In the social-media post, Roberts talked about how his "daughter loves school and can name all her friends and teachers in a photo but if she sees them in a park or a shop she blanks them as if she has never met them before."

World Autism Day: What is autism and how can you recognise the signs?

Many children with ASD don’t like to be touched or hugged without prior intimation. Children with ASD have a strong desire to make friends, however, they find it difficult due so due to their lack of social skills.