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Curtail foreign trips, events at 5-star hotels: UP govt issues 18-point austerity measures for its officials

The order directs officials to slash expenses on office stationery, including printing of cards, personal letters, diaries.

Egypt increases fuel prices, as part of austerity measures

The tough austerity measures have won praise from economists and business leaders but have come as a heavy blow to poor and middle-class Egyptians. Egypt's economy is still recovering from unrest following the 2011 uprising that toppled longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak. 


Greek protesters, riot police scuffle in Athens

Police have used tear gas and pepper spray during scuffles with union members protesting austerity measures.

Raje, showy as ever but austere and accessible

Raje was once known for her flamboyant ways and royal charm. What the austerity drive hasn’t done, however, is cramp her style.

Will continue to talk politics: Bhagwat

Opposing FDI in retail,Bhagwat accused the government of letting loose foreign companies on Indian retailers.


FinMin says will stand by fiscal deficit target

Government to raise Rs2.34 lakh cr through dated securities in H2.

UPA launches austerity drive,bans 5-star hotel meetings and executive class air travel

The government launched the drive in a bid to check fiscal deficit from going out of control.

Austerity is hurting our health,say researchers

Austerity is driving people to commit suicide and leading to depression.

Anil Ambani cuts pay package by 1/3rd

Ambani has taken a huge cut in his remuneration in 2011-12 as it was about Rs 5.5 cr from Rs 17 cr in 2010-11.