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Kalam, the Other

Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma’s remarks on the late president are unacceptable. Government, party must clarify

No Sangh role in road renaming, was Pak-origin Muslim’s idea: Organiser

The article said Fatah cited Aurangzeb’s religious bigotry, intolerance, cruelty and inhuman approach.


Renaming Aurangzeb Road- Kalam dragged into controversy he tried to avoid all his life: Congress

The East Delhi MP had requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rename the road in memory of the late President.

Explained: Assessing Aurangzeb

A religious zealot, an able administrator, a narrow-minded ruler are some labels that the sixth Mughal emperor bears. Was he India’s cruellest despot or just a religious conservative who lacked the flair and imagination of his ancestors?

Simply put: The procedure of renaming roads, and reasons for seeking change

Supporters of the decision point to the popular perception of Aurangzeb as “a cruel, dictatorial and despotic ruler”, and to “the need for correcting mistakes of our past”.

Reverse swing: Road rage

Commentators on the subject have mocked him as conforming to the Hindu nationalists’ idea of a “good Muslim”.


We have the right to rename roads under our jurisdiction: NDMC to High Court

The advocate had filed the PIL, challenging the NDMC’s decision to change the name of Aurangzeb Road and rename it after India’s former president.

CM cheered renaming of Aurangzeb Road but his party MLA says reconsider

In a letter to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, AAP legislator from Okhla Amanatullah Khan has urged him to instead rename one of the roads named after the British.

In another corner of Delhi, an old stretch renamed Aurangzeb Road

Named Okhla road after Aurangzeb to oppose attempts to rewrite history: former Congress MLA.

Aurangzeb vs Kalam

The renaming of a road is part of a wider pattern of strategic messaging by the NDA.