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Secretive magic leap says ex-engineer copied headset for China

Magic Leap accused one of its former engineers of stealing its technology to create his own augmented reality device for China

Tiger in your room! Google AR search lets you bring 3D animals in real world

Google has enabled the AR search results for 3D models of a limited number of animals. Here is how you can bring the 3D objects in the physical world.


Huawei to launch augmented reality glasses within next two years: Report

Huawei has confirmed it plans to launch a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses within the next one or two years.

AR, VR adoption to pick up in 3 years: Report

A shortage of in-house expertise and insufficient back-end infrastructures are significant barriers to growth of these technologies.

Reality, augmented

AR is set to become pervasive across mobile devices and wearable tech. That may be a pity

Facebook to use augmented reality to draw ads to Messenger app

Facebook announced an augmented reality (AR) tool for developers at its F8 Developers Conference, as it also looks to attract advertisers on the service.


Microsoft HoloLens' mixed reality tech helps surgeons 'see through' the body

Microsoft's mixed reality HoloLens has helped doctors 'see through' a body, thereby increasing the successes of reconstructive surgeries.

Intel seeks to sell major stake in AR business, as it eyes smartglasses rollout

In an attempt to commercialise its own smart glasses, Intel might be ready to sell a majority stake in its augmented reality division, which is estimated at $350 billion

Electronic skin tattoo lets hand gestures control physical and virtual objects

Researchers have created skin tattoos, which can help us control electronic deices thruogh basic hand gestures.

Facebook might bring Stories on desktop, create sponsored AR filters

A report suggests that social network Facebook could be looking to extend its Stories feature for desktop as well. As per the report, Facebook believes Stories is the future of advertising.