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Reserve Bank sets up panel to examine ATM charges, fees

The committee will review the existing structures and patterns of costs, charges and interchange fees for ATM transactions, the overall patterns of usage of ATMs by cardholders and assess the impact, if any, on charges and interchange fees, assess the entire gamut of costs in respect of the ATM ecosystem

Skimming: how devices at ATMs can steal data, help criminals clone cards

A skimmer is a device designed to look like and replace the card insertion slot at an ATM. The skimmers, which cannot be usually spotted by an untrained eye, have circuitry that read and store the data on the magnetic strip of an ATM card even as the ATM processes the same data.


Delhi: Guard forgets to pull down shutter, robbers flee with ATM in Dwarka

Police said the incident took place on the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday. The robbers covered the CCTV cameras with grease.

Any Time Money

Fifty years after the first ATM, a cashless economy beckons

Explained: Why ATM operators are unhappy, what happens if cash machines shut

The Confederation of ATM Industry has said the regulatory changes will make it impossible for ATM service providers to meet the cost of compliance. The ATM industry thinks there is no option but for banks to step in to bear the load.

Cosmos Bank malware attack: ATMs used in India identified, says Pune SIT

Cosmos Bank officials said the illegal withdrawals were enabled by the malware attack which authenticated debit card transactions bypassing the bank’s computerised core banking system.


Old-style ATM kiosks helped Romanians install skimming devices, say police

The shape of the card readers in these kiosks was such that skimming devices can be installed easily.

Skimming devices in ATM booths: Chandigarh Police to approach Kolkata Police

Chandigarh Police has registered three FIRs as the Canara Bank management lodged complaints stating that skimming devices were recovered from four ATM booths.

ATM tweak for new Rs 100 note set to cost banks Rs 100 crore

The dilemma that banks and ATM service providers will face is that new and old Rs 100 notes will be in circulation at the same time.

Assam: Mice sneak into Tinsukia ATM, nibble through Rs 12 lakh

When a Delhi-based vault cutting unit arrived at Tinsukia to check the ATM, they found heaps of destroyed 500 and 2000 rupee notes. And alongwith it, a carcass of a dead mouse.