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Obesity may increase asthma risk in children: Study

The study has found that children classified as obese had a 30-per cent increased risk of developing asthma than peers of a healthy weight. Hence, maintaining a healthy weight could prevent thousands of children from developing asthma.

Asthma cases among Chandigarh children double in 10 years

At the PGIMER, north India’s premier medical hub, the respiratory OPD had seen a huge increase since 2010. From 18,627 patients registered in 2010, the number rose to 40,068 in 2016.


Asthma patients, now you can swallow this 'fish prasadam' to cure the disease

This 'fish prasadam' ritual takes place every year during the arrival of monsoon. The members of the Bathini family drop a live murrel fish filled with a yellow herbal paste into the throats of patients suffering from respiratory illnesses.

World Asthma Awareness Month: The rise of bronchial asthma in India and the role of pollution

One of the most common respiratory diseases around the world is bronchial asthma. As per WHO between 100 and 150 million people worldwide are suffering from this disease and the number is only rising. In India alone, over 15 million people suffer from asthma.

Childhood illnesses like asthma can trigger COPD later

Three-quarters of COPD cases have their origins in poor lung function pathways beginning in childhood, according to a cohort study published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal. For the study, 2,438 participants were tracked from childhood to the age of 53.

Sugary drinks during pregnancy linked to mid-childhood asthma

According to researchers, avoiding high intake of sugary beverages during pregnancy and in early childhood could be one of several ways to reduce the risk of childhood asthma. Read on to know more.


Tree-lined neighbourhood may help in reducing asthma risk

According to a study, people living in polluted urban areas are less likely to develop breathing problems, such as asthma, when there are lots of trees in their neighbourhood. Read on to know more.

Fish during pregnancy may protect baby from asthma

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which cannot be synthesised by humans, therefore it one of the essential nutrients derived exclusively from marine sources. Read on to know more.

Ornamental plant extract may help combat asthma

The compound in the coralberry leaves relieves these spasms and is supposedly more effective and has a more prolonged action than the most common asthma drug salbutamol. So far it has been tested on asthmatic mice who were prevented from allergens like house dust.

A healthy lifestyle may help reduce asthma symptoms

The majority of patients rely on daily medicine to control symptoms such as wheezing, chest pain and shortness of breath and many are wary of exercise, fearing that it could induce symptoms. On the contrary, there is evidence that better diet and exercise can really help them.

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From treating cough and cold to lowering BP: Here are 10 amazing benefits of eucalyptus oil

From treating cough and cold to controlling hair fall, eucalyptus oil is very essential to overall well-being. It has the power to alleviate mental exhaustion and comes power-packed with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.