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Tuesday, May 17, 2022



China plans to test asteroid monitoring and defence system by 2025: Report

April 26, 2022 1:30 pm

China will start by setting up a ground-based and space-based monitoring and warning system that will catalogue and analyse asteroids that pose a threat to human space activities.

A massive asteroid impact may have covered craters on the moon’s near side: Study

April 19, 2022 2:00 pm

The other side of the moon is never visible to us on Earth because the moon is tidally locked; this means that the rotation of the moon matches its orbit around the earth in such a way that we only get to see one side.

Shards of Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs may have been found in fossil site

April 08, 2022 4:54 pm

The object that slammed off the Yucatán Peninsula of what is today Mexico was about 6 miles wide, scientists estimate, but the identification of the object has remained a subject of debate.

Potentially hazardous asteroid to fly by Earth today

January 19, 2022 10:59 am

Near-Earth objects that come at a distance of below 7.5 million km from Earth are termed as potentially hazardous asteroids

Yearender 2021: Space tourism, Mars decoded, a Webb(ed) Christmas gift, and more

December 30, 2021 8:24 pm

It's been a year of astronomical achievements. Here is proof.

NASA mission could blast an asteroid that once menaced Earth

December 16, 2021 12:07 pm

After Apophis, Osiris-Rex might even have enough fuel to visit yet another asteroid. Or, it could be placed on the surface of Apophis and act as a “tracking beacon,”

Can asteroid Nereus be mined for metals worth billions?

December 15, 2021 5:26 pm

Nereus is composed of nickel, iron and cobalt.

Potentially hazardous asteroid to fly by Earth this week

December 06, 2021 2:09 pm

The International Astronomical Union lists over 1,500 potential hazardous asteroids.

Solar wing jammed on NASA spacecraft chasing asteroids

October 29, 2021 1:20 pm

The problem cropped up shortly after the spacecraft’s October 16 liftoff on a 12-year journey.

Higher but still slim odds of asteroid Bennu slamming Earth

August 12, 2021 12:50 pm

If Bennu did slam into Earth, it wouldn't wipe out life, dinosaur-style, but rather create a crater roughly 10 to 20 times the size of the asteroid, said Lindley Johnson, NASA's planetary defense officer.