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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Ashwin Sanghi


The essence of history is that it has multiple narratives: Ashwin Sanghi

July 19, 2022 12:19 pm

The novelist on his latest installment in the Bharat series, the pedagogy of history in classrooms, and its role in shaping contemporary Indian politics

HarperCollins acquires Ashwin Sanghi's 'Bharat Series'

April 21, 2022 6:10 pm

Sanghi's latest offering has his signature style of merging fact with fiction and is a testament to his unending spool of imagination deftly woven with deep insights and research into a fast-paced plot that travels through time and history, the publishers said.

Book captures profound moments of life with dogs

December 24, 2021 6:02 pm

In the introduction, Sodhi says how dogs teach people some of the most profound lessons of life

Abundantia bags rights for Ashwin Sanghi's book 'Keepers of the Kalachakra'

February 26, 2021 3:19 pm

The banner plans to adapt the book into a "major, multi-season series". The author will work closely with the writing team to bring the book to life on the screen.

‘Parenting is exhausting, demanding and relentless, make time for self-care'

February 14, 2019 11:42 am

You can only take care of your child if you take care of yourself first. Prioritise yourself. Think of your needs and act on them. If you are hungry, eat something. If you are tired, sit down a while. Things can wait.

On the Record: Master of Words

April 30, 2016 1:40 am

Author of bestselling novels such as The Rozabal Line, Chanakya’s Chant and The Krishna Key, Ashwin Sanghi is known for delving into history and mythology.

Private Comes to India

April 16, 2014 2:31 am

Private India, published by Random House, will be launched in Mumbai on July 21.

The Write Stuff

November 26, 2013 5:38 am

Literati was a platform for authors to share their new work with a larger audience.

'The Krishna Key': For the thriller addicts

September 20, 2012 2:12 pm

Author Ashwin Sanghi prefers spinning stories around characters that are multi-dimensional and rooted in history.

Didn’t like a book? Tell the author virtually

August 27, 2011 3:44 am

Author Amish Tripathi’s Facebook group page is buzzing with activity these days. The author whose book,Immortals of Meluha,was well received by readers