Quad talks Indo-Pacific; Vietnam envoy says against military tie-up

“The discussions focused on cooperation in areas such as connectivity, sustainable development, counter-terrorism, non-proliferation and maritime and cybersecurity...,” MEA said in its statement.

Building a community

Delhi needs to match its political commitment to integration of Bay of Bengal with concrete policy action


Donald Trump to skip ASEAN summit, will travel to France and Argentina in November

Donald Trump has asked Vice President Mike Pence to attend the ASEAN summit, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said.

Not acting east

As ASEAN faces challenge posed by US-China competition, gap between Delhi’s promise and delivery remains large.

ASEAN asks bloc to brace amid trade feuds, repel protectionism

Founded in 1967 during the Cold War, ASEAN steadily weathered storms to become a stable 10-nation bloc, which now draws Asian and world powers in annual gatherings and is forecast to become the fourth-largest economy in the world in three decades.

Southeast Asia, Beijing hail progress in South China Sea talks; laud it as 'milestone'

A number of the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and China have overlapping claims to islands in the sea, one of the world's busiest waterways. For years they have been discussing a pact to prevent an escalation of disputes.


Progress in sea feud, Koreas stir ASEAN though rifts pester

Founded in 1967 in the Cold War era as a bulwark against communism, ASEAN has a bedrock principle of non-interference in each other's domestic affairs and decides by consensus, meaning even one member state can doom any proposal it deems offensive.

The Shangri-La moment

PM Modi’s speech framed continuities, nuance in foreign policy. It needs full force of India’s example behind it

Singapore PM: ASEAN growing closer to China and India

Southeast Asian countries will work more closely with new powers China and India to counter the pressure of protectionism and ensure continued growth, Singapore prime minister said Saturday.

ASEAN to discuss economic ties, Rohingya issue, Korea summit

Analysts say they will be taking cues from Friday's landmark meeting between North Korea's Kim Jong Un and South Korea's Moon Jae-In.

ASEAN Photos

Top Frames: Pics of the week gone by

Here are the pics of the week gone by.

ASEAN Videos

Japan looks towards ASEAN and India for business expansion

Thailand/Singapore, Dec 04 (ANI): Tokyo-based leading manufacturing company of consumer electronics, Casio Computer established subsidiary in Thailand - the largest market in ASEAN. Casio has strengthened relationship with Thailand with the introduction of Casio Marketing Thailand. Casio Marketing Thailand was established in July last year, as the fourth subsidiary of Casio in the ASEAN region. The company first established ASEAN regional headquarter in Singapore in 2001 and expanded its sales offices to Indonesia in 2011 and Malaysia in 2014. Casio has been promoting its products and brands through its distributor networks in Thailand since the 1970s. Casio brand are most famous for its best selling G-SHOCK, with total sales of over 80 million units since its first sales in 1983. Casio introduced the new model of G-SHOCK MTG series, which added to Casio’s “Global Time Sync” collection, featuring world’s first “GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor Technology” which utilizes radio wave time calibration and GPS signals for instant and precise timekeeping across the changing time zones. Casio is also a market pioneer for the next generation projector.