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Wednesday, July 18, 2018


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The Long Walk: Did the Aryans migrate into India? New genetics study adds to debate

The Long Walk: Did the Aryans migrate into India? New genetics study adds to debate

Co-authored by 92 leading scientists, it offers new insights into makeup of the Indian population. Will it settle or again trigger the contentious debate?

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Khans-Bachchans gathering: Shah Rukh Khan, Suhana, Gauri with Shweta Bachchan Nanda, Navya

The Khans and the Bachchans have always been on good terms with each other and are often seen sharing candid moments together.

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My children Aryan, Suhana and AbRam are very sorted, says Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan says that contrary to the image of “star kids” in showbiz, his children — Aryan, Suhana and AbRam — are “extremely sorted” and “damn good”.

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Aryan is like my son; I will launch him but don’t know when: Karan Johar

Karan Johar said, “Aryan is like my son. So, if anyone has to launch him, it has to be me. But when that will happen, who knows.”

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My kids are my teacher: Shah Rukh Khan

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan says his children are his teachers as he learns everything from patience to new trends from them.

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Gauri, Aryan to attend prayer meet for SRK’s late aide

A prayer meet for the departed soul of Shah Rukh Khan’s close aide Subhash K Jain will be attended by Gauri and Aryan.

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Shah Rukh Khan with sons AbRam and Aryan return from family vacation in London

Shah Rukh Khan along with his sons Aryan and AbRam returned to India from a family vacation in London.

Shah Rukh Khan introduces AbRam to Kolkata at IPL 8

Shah Rukh Khan said: “I want my children AbRam, Aryan and Suhana to enjoy sports, this game and I love IPL.

Aryans and Others

How Europeans and Indians deployed myths regarding ancient Aryans in their various reform and nationalist projects.

Shah Rukh Khan, wife Gauri and children to ring in the New Year in Dubai

Shah Rukh Khan is planning to bring in 2015 with his family – wife Gauri and children – Aryan, Suhana and li’l AbRam in Dubai.

Aakarshan Singh trained by Tiger Shroff’s trainer

Television’s new entrant Aakarshan Singh was trained by actor Tiger Shroff’s trainer Deepak Das for the role.

Shah Rukh Khan: My children Aryan and Suhana don’t keep a tab on my career

“My son Aryan never comes for my shows or shootings. My children have been brought up in such a way,” said SRK.

Gauri Khan, youngest son AbRam to do a cameo in SRK’s ‘Happy New Year’

Gauri Khan recently revealed that she will be doing a guest appearance in the film along with their youngest son AbRam.

Shah Rukh Khan to share AbRam’s picture soon

Shah Rukh Khan has always said he was not comfortable posting pictures of the youngest addition to his family – his son AbRam.

Shah Rukh Khan: I perform stunts for Suhana, Aryan; don’t even listen to Gauri

“I have two children who tell me I should do more stunts so I listen to them more than I listen to her (wife Gauri),” said SRK.