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Friday, December 04, 2020



Artist's carrot art installation draws criticism from college students

October 05, 2020 2:10 pm

According to the artist’s website, the vegetables featured in the artwork are "carrots that the food industry in the UK deems not worthy of shelves”

A Dozen Ways Of Seeing

April 14, 2019 1:00 am

An art residency draws out cutting-edge works on socio-cultural realities and the environment.

Bangladeshi artist Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty on burying himself in soil, understanding his body

January 23, 2018 9:37 am

The idea of a human body buried in soil in a box and placed on a barge on water has multiple connotations. “It is a preliminary attempt to possess breathing earth and turn soil into a living object," says Bangladeshi artist Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty.

How these rural entrepreneurs turn waste into artwork

July 31, 2014 10:39 am

Made with old newspapers, cardboard and other kinds of waste paper a mix of raw pulp is obtained by soaking these materials in water.

Truly an art film: 10 artists collaborate for an experimental movie

May 27, 2014 11:42 am

A project that got 10 artists from across mediums to collaborate and produce an art work over one month, is out with an experimental film.

'We wanted to show another India’

November 26, 2013 6:34 am

Truck art from Punjab and dhokra statues from Bengal are among the contemporary artefacts to be showcased in Glasgow Museums

Elizabeth Taylor's artworks sell for USD 22 million

February 08, 2012 5:53 pm

The late Elizabeth Taylor has come to life through her artwork

Return of the Native

May 23, 2010 3:44 am

Somtimes,it takes an auction to get the government excited about artwork.

The Fourth Dimension

May 10, 2010 3:53 am

Interactive art is an ambiguous and largely undefined term as every artwork-conventional,contemporary or interactive-requires the active engagement of the viewer in some form.

Spicin’ it up

November 04, 2009 3:22 am

Every time city-based music composer-producer (amongst many other things) Hari Singh calls up,it’s bound to be for something new,and it’s usually zany,zestful,and quite refreshing.